What is a detailed audit plan?

What is a detailed audit plan?

The audit plan is a detailed programme giving instructions as to how each area of the audit will be conducted. In other words, the audit plan details the specific procedures to be carried out to implement the strategy and complete the audit.

What should an audit program include?

An audit program covers various steps of auditing in an audit program like the assessment of internal control, ascertaining accuracy and reliability of books of accounts, inspection, vouching and verification, valuation of assets and liabilities, scrutiny of accounts, presentation of financial statements, and …

What is standard audit program?

1. Standardized Audit Program is a document developed to serve as a checklist of questions to be asked during an audit. BL-A-5 click to know more. Notes (1): This is a step-by-step set of audit procedures and instructions that should be performed to complete a specific area of the audit.

What are the types of audit Programme?

There are two main types of audit programs:

  • Fixed Audit Program.
  • Flexible Audit Program.

Who prepare the audit program?

Thus, an audit programme is prepared by an auditor as per the scope of the work.

What is the difference between audit plan and audit program?

Audit plan refers to the strategies or guidelines which are followed by the auditor for conducting audit. Audit programme is the list of steps, that are to be followed by audit staff to obtain sufficient audit evidence.

What should ensure that audit program activities are performed?

The individual(s) managing the audit programme should ensure that the following activities are performed: a) evaluation of the achievement of the objectives for each audit within the audit programme; b) review and approval of audit reports regarding the fulfilment of the audit scope and objectives; c) review of the …

Who prepared audit program?

Thus, an audit programme is prepared by an auditor as per the scope of the work.

What is internal audit program?

The internal IT audit program’s responsibilities include defining strategic and operational planning, selecting auditing tools, procedures and resources, conducting audits and reporting their results, and ensuring audit program quality.