What is a delegate in fieldglass?

What is a delegate in fieldglass?

The delegate functionality allows assigned users to act on work items and perform additional tasks on behalf of another user, such as reviewing and hiring job seekers, managing interviews, and revising workers.

How do I add expenses to fieldglass?

Entering expenses in Fieldglass

  1. If you do not see the code you are looking for in the Task Code List, select Click Here next to find additional tasks.
  2. A window will open, select the cost center and applicable task code. Select Add, to bring it into your list.

Which factors determine the visibility of reports and report output in SAP Fieldglass?

For example, visibility to reports is determined by placing reports within folders, then assigning user roles to these folders.

What is St HR in fieldglass?

Enter the total hours worked the corresponding date fields on the ST/Hr row. This is your STRAIGHT time. For example, if you worked 8 hours on Monday, enter 8 in the field under Mon. Repeat this for every day worked until you reach 40 hours for the week.

How do I add a delegate in fieldglass?

You can select a proxy or delegate to act on your behalf. To do so, click Edit in the Proxies & Delegates section. Click EDIT then Add Proxy then Under Work Items, select All or Timesheets. In the Proxy dropdown, users with Fieldglass access will appear and you can select an appropriate person.

How do you delegate in ppm?

Delegate a User 1. From Server Settings in the Personal Settings area, click Act as a Delegate. 2. Select from the list of who you are acting as.

How do I fill a time sheet in SAP fieldglass?

SUBMIT TIME SHEETS From the SAP Fieldglass Home page, click the Enter hours in Time Sheet link for the desired period. You can also click View Time Sheets to view all your available time sheets. Select the time sheet for which you want to enter time.

What is St OT and DT?

This is a timesheet for union labour, The union agreement states that: Monday – Friday workers get paid the first 8 hrs at ST, then 2 at OT and everything after that is DT. Saturday & Sunday workers get paid DT.

How do you use fieldglass timesheet in SAP?

What is ST and OT in fieldglass?

Enter the number of hours worked for each day in either the ‘ST/Hr’ or ‘OT/Hr’ field. Please note: Overtime (OT) for your state is paid. after 40 hours in a week. Please do not enter hours as OT until you’ve reached 40 Regular (ST) hours total in the ST row. All overtime should be approved by your manager in advance.

How do I create an invoice in fieldglass?

A: 1. From your Fieldglass homepage, click Create, then SOW Invoice. 2. Click the SOW to be charged against.

How do you delegate in fieldglass?

What is a work order in SAP Fieldglass?

Work Order An electronic document created in the SAP Fieldglass application that outlines the terms, dates, rates, and individual selected for a temporary work assignment. Work Items Items in SAP Fieldglass that require action, such as responding to a job posting, accepting a work order, or approving a time sheet.

How do I integrate SAP Ariba contracts with SAP Fieldglass?

The contract terms must be created. SAP Fieldglass receives a base-64 encoded ZIP file containing the Contract Terms file in CSV format. To use the integration between SAP Ariba Contracts and SAP Fieldglass, you must have at least one line item in your contract workspace.

How do I add additional supplier users in SAP Fieldglass?

The supplier account manager is created as an administrator in the SAP Fieldglass application and can add additional supplier users as needed. It is the responsibility of the supplier account manager, not the buyer or SAP Fieldglass, to add additional supplier users.

Do I need to install SAP Fieldglass on my computer?

No installation is required on your computer; you only need a connection to the internet to access SAP Fieldglass. When a buyer company includes a supplier in their contingent workforce management program, the buyer will invite the supplier to register for the SAP Fieldglass application.