What is a Daisy Bridging ceremony?

What is a Daisy Bridging ceremony?

For girls who are already Girl Scouts, a “bridging” (or bridging ceremony) is a ceremony honoring and celebrating their graduation to the next Girl Scout level. Think Daisy to Brownie, Brownie to Junior, Junior to Cadette, Cadette to Senior, Senior to Ambassador, and even Ambassador to Adult!

What do you do at a bridging ceremony?

The girls plan the ceremony—they pick any readings, poems, or songs that they want to say or sing. The girls cross the bridge and if they are [bridging to the next level], they get their new uniform right there. The girls also tell everyone their favorite Girl Scout memory from that level.

How do you do a virtual bridging ceremony?

Activity Tips for a Virtual Bridge Ceremony

  1. Write letters to a younger troop sharing the fun and exciting things they can do once they bridge to your program level.
  2. Have a virtual talent show highlighting your accomplishments of the past year.

What do you say at a Brownie bridging ceremony?

Bridging Step One: Pass It On! Have girls talk to Daisies about their favorite Brownie memories. Tell the Daisies what they have to look forward to. Show them what skills girls learned as Brownies or pictures of favorite trips. Help Daisies create and decorate small message books.

What do daisies have to do to bridge to Brownies?

To earn the Bridge to Brownie Award, complete one activity from the two bridging steps: Pass It On! and Look Ahead! These steps can also be found in the handbook section of the Daisy Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Bridging Step One: Pass It On! Inspire younger girls by sharing what it was like to be a Daisy Girl Scout.

What are older Girl Scouts called?

Ambassadors are Girl Scouts who are in eleventh and twelfth grade (around ages 16-18). They wear the same khaki colored vest or sash as Cadettes and Seniors. The Girl Scout Membership Star is worn with navy membership disks.

Where does the bridging patch go?

Bridging patches generally go on the back of the vest or sash. The only exception would be if your Council has a special earned badge related to bridging.

Is there a bridging ceremony for Girl Scout Daisy troops?

Affiliate links may be included for your convenience. View our privacy and affiliates policy for details. This simple Daisy bridging ceremony doesn’t require a lot of planning but the girls will love it. Affiliate links included for your convenience. I didn’t plan to be my daughter’s Girl Scout Daisy troop leader.

How long does it take to make a daisy bridging ceremony?

Some of them made the craft during the ice cream party portion of our meeting, while others took them home to make. It was indeed a pretty simple Daisy bridging ceremony that they all enjoyed but that didn’t take too much work, planning or setup (less than 10 minutes) on my part.

What do bridging girls get at the end of year?

Each of the bridging girls got her new badges and a bridging certificate, but because my group is majority kindergartners I didn’t want to leave them out. Luckily, Mighty Girls Rock has adorable end-of-year Daisy certificates for first-year girls as well as those bridging, so I made one for everyone.

How do I plan a bridging ceremony for a Brownie troop?

Invite a Girl Scout Brownie troop to help during the bridging ceremony. Inform them of the time and date of the ceremony and confirm their attendance. Forward a script to them. If a Girl Scout Brownie troop is not available, ask leaders or parents to participate and forward a script to them. Decorate the box that will serve as the oven.