What is a Barbri course?

What is a Barbri course?

BARBRI is the most trusted bar prep course with courses tailored to both you and your bar exam. Find your BARBRI course today. Get the #1 best bar prep course, now starting at $1,999 Pricing & Enrollment ›

Is Barbri available on a local level?

And while our reach is global, we are available to you on a local level, whenever you need us. With an alumni network of 1.3 million and over 50 years of legal exam prep innovation and pass rate success, BARBRI is the largest U.S. bar preparation and legal exam company in the world.

What is your review of BARBRI Bar Review?

BARBRI Bar Review was a perfect blend of self-study and more structured lectures. Sometimes I would need to sit in a classroom with other students to fully absorb the material. Other times, I was fine studying alone, and BARBRI offered that option. But I have to say what I found most useful were the 30-minute lectures on essay writing.

How many attorneys have taken Barbri?

Over 1.3 million now licensed attorneys have trusted BARBRI to help them pass a U.S. state bar exam. No wonder more law students choose BARBRI each year than all other courses combined.

Why choose BARBRI Bar Review?

BARBRI equals more points on exam day. And every point matters on the bar exam. Get the confidence that comes with having BARBRI at your side. ISAAC, your Intuitive Study Assistant And Coach, is the engine that runs your BARBRI Bar Review course. It creates your Personal Study Plan (PSP), aka your online bar prep “to-do list”.

Why study with BarBri every administration?

Since the majority of law school graduates study with BARBRI every administration, this means that you’ll know how you’re doing compared to the majority of people who will be taking your same bar exam throughout your entire bar preparation.