What is a 7070 Greco guitar?

What is a 7070 Greco guitar?

70’s Greco guitar, neck is from some other Japanese guitar. This range of Greco and other similar Japanese instruments used laminated mahogany layers for the the body, and have a bolt-on neck. The pickups are not original, they are Schaller humbuckers.

Is the Greco WSBP electric bass guitar W/ gigbag in mint condition?

Greco WSBP Electric Bass Guitar w / Gigbag – Cherry Sunburst. It’s in mint condition with no notable signs of use. The zippers on the gigbag don’t seem that high quality. This guitar has been discontinued by Greco guitars in Japan, so it has no USA warranty Excellent body cosmetic condition with few digs on the head.

What kind of guitar is This Greco model GR1?

This is a 1967 Greco Model GR1 Classic 6 String Guitar. It has nylon strings with a spruce topand Brown maple back and sides. Rosewood finger board and bridge. It has a 3 piece neck with a slottedhead piece. This hasn’t been touched 50 years