What is a 4-bet?

What is a 4-bet?

A 4-bet is the second re-raise in a betting round. 4-bets are significantly more common before the flop, but they can happen after the flop as well. For example, suppose you raise preflop and a player behind you re-raises (aka 3-bets). If the action gets back to you and you re-raise again, that’s a 4-bet.

What’s a 4-bet in poker?

A 4-bet occurs when a 3-bet is re-raised by any player. The reason it is called a 3-bet is that the automatic posting of the blinds is considered the first bet; the second bet (2-bet) is when a player raises the blinds instead of calling them; and the third bet (3-bet) is the re-raising of the 2-bet.

When should you 4-bet?

When and Why You Should Consider a 4-bet One of the best ways to use a 4-bet is if you have a premium hand or even the “nuts”. When it comes to No Limit Hold’em, it’s always best to play your premium hands strongly rather than slow-playing in a bid to trap your opponents.

What is a cold 4-bet?

A 4-bet refers to the 4th pre-flop bet. The blinds are the first bet, the open raise is the 2nd bet, and the first re-raise is a 3-bet. That means that the 4-bet is the 2nd re-raise. Putting it all together, a cold 4-bet is a big re-re-raise as our first action in the hand.

What hands should you 4-bet?

With Which Hands Should We 4-Bet?

  • Add bluffs to our 4-betting range. The best 4-bet bluffing hands are suited Ax and Kx hands that can not profitably call the 3-bet.
  • 4-bet to an amount that puts our opponent in a tough spot.

Should you 4-bet with aces?

Tip #4: Choose your 4-bets carefully, not arbitrarily Having an ace in your hand lowers the odds that your opponent has two of his most likely premium hands: pocket aces and ace king. Suited wheel aces will almost always have a at least 35% equity against your opponent’s 4-bet calling range.

Should you bet 4 10s?

Tens play great even against the tightest, most unbalanced 4-bet ranges that only contain QQ+ and AK. As I showed above, tens have over 36% equity versus that super-tight range. As a result, you will almost always have the pot odds to profitably call a 4-bet.

What is a donk bet?

As Nitsche explains, a “donk bet” refers to a postflop bet in which a player who is out of position is “leading into the preflop aggressor.” In other words, say a player in late position raises before the flop and another defends the big blind with a call.

What is a 3 bet?

Commonly used to refer to an initial reraise before the flop. The term has its origins in fixed-limit games where an initial raise is worth two bets, then the reraise is equal to three and so on.

Should you 4 bet ace king?

What are pocket 10s?

It’s pretty intuitive that pocket tens is a strong hand preflop. After all, it is already a strong pair. With this in mind, you should always raise preflop with tens when the action is folded to you. Like Ace-Queen offsuit, you should avoid limping with tens because doing so will lead to smaller pots on average.

What is 3-bet and 4-bet in poker?

A 3-bet occurs when the original preflop raiser is re-raised by another player. A 4-bet occurs when a 3-bet is re-raised by any player. The reason it is called a 3-bet is that the automatic posting of the blinds is considered the first bet; the second bet…

What is 4-bet bluffing in poker?

4-bet bluffing is really a counter-strategy to be employed in tougher games in which opponents are 3-betting light, either as bluffs or for thin value. The biggest challenge to an aggressive 3-betting strategy is the 4-bet.

What is 4-betting light in poker?

4-betting light can help to protect your opens as opponents will be less incentivized to 3-bet you light. Aggressive 3-bettors will simply not have enough hands to continue with against a 4-bet, forcing them to fold away their equity preflop or make loose-bad calls.

What are the best hands for 4-bets?

(Your opponent will have a hard time putting you on trips when the flop falls 6-2-2.) Other types of hands that tick off two or more of these boxes, and thus work well as 4-bets, include: Offsuit broadway hands that block multiple premium holdings, such as AJo or KQo (Be careful with the latter.