What is a 308 Winchester good for hunting?

What is a 308 Winchester good for hunting?

Bolt Action and Semi Auto 308 Winchester Rifles The 308 Winchester is an extremely popular hunting cartridge, particularly for medium to large game. It is a favorite for whitetail deer, pronghorn, caribou, and even black bear.

Where can I buy a 308 rifle online?

Guns.com – Massive range of 308 Win rifles. Euro Optic – A Hidden treasure trove of stunning custom guns, even in Covid times. Sportsman’s Guide – Good range and prices under control. Brownells – Limited supply, but good guns. The 308 rifle has dealt with an onslaught of competition from the likes of 6.5 Creedmoor and even 7mm Rem Mag of late.

What is the best 308 scope for a rifle?

The .308 Winchester is a long range round, capable of making accurate shots well past 500 yards (how far is something of a debate among long range shooters), which means the best .308/7.62 rifles will be able to mount a scope. Even if you choose to operate with iron sights, being able to install an optic is important.

What kind of rifle is a 308 bolt action?

An ideal general purpose .308 bolt action rifle, this gun is perfect for the person who just needs a basic rifle, with a basic scope, that shoots a basic caliber. It is a rifle for the common person, and just at home in a deer camp, as it is locked in a safe for casual shooting.

How much does a Winchester bolt action rifle cost?

Thompson Center Venture 308 Winchester Bolt-Action Rifle $537.00 $389.99

How much does an American Rifle 308 Winchester cost?

Ruger American Rifle 308 Winchester with GoWild I-M Brush Camo Stock and AI-Style Maga $629.00 $619.99

How much does a Bergara mountain 308 cost?

Bergara Premier Series Mountain 308 Win Bolt-Action Rifle with 22-Inch Barrel. $2,190.00 $1,899.99. In Stock. Brand: Bergara. Item Number: BPR18-308F.