What is a 2008 state quarter worth?

What is a 2008 state quarter worth?

Clad Quarters Both the 2008 P Oklahoma quarter and 2008 D Oklahoma quarter are each worth around $0.30 in about uncirculated condition. The value is around $0.75 in uncirculated condition with an MS 63 grade. Uncirculated coins with a grade of MS 65 can sell for around $2.

How many 2008 quarters are there?

2008 is the final year for the highly successful 50 State Quarters® Program – a program that has stimulated the excitement and the coin collecting spirit into millions. The final five quarters and their pictures as shown from left to right are: Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii.

Are State Series quarters worth anything?

Market Analysis. State quarters are still circulating and can be collected right out of your pocket change. Therefore, most circulated examples are only worth their face value of 25 cents. Nice uncirculated sets are worth slightly more.

Are all 50 state quarters out?

The 50 State quarters (authorized by Pub. L. 105–124 (text) (PDF), 111 Stat. 2534, enacted December 1, 1997) was a series of circulating commemorative quarters released by the United States Mint….50 State quarters.

Mass 6.25 (Ag); 5.67 (Cu-Ni) g
Diameter 24.26 mm (0.955 in)
Thickness 1.75 mm (0.069 in)
Edge 119 reeds

Which state Quarters are hardest to find?

Artistic Flaws. Some of the hardest-to-find state quarters are those with errors in their artwork. A small number of Wisconsin’s commemorative quarters show an extra leaf on the coin’s stalk of corn. Some Wyoming quarters have a double imprint, visible with a magnifying glass, of the saddle on the coin’s horse.

What state Quarters are valuable?

As of 2015, no state quarter is more valuable than any other, as the majority of them are in circulation with a value of 25 cents. However, state quarters struck in error are more valuable to collectors due to their rarity.

What state Quarters are rare?

Compared to California’s current population of 36 million, the California quarter has a per capita rarity index of 14.4 quarters per resident. The remainder of the top five rarest state quarters are Texas, Florida, Illinois and Michigan.

What state Quarters have errors?

Wisconsin State Quarter “Error” The Wisconsin State Quarter was released October 25, 2004. The lettering on this 2000 Maryland State Quarter lacks detail. The reverse clad layer of this 2002 Mississippi State Quarter is missing, resulting in the exposure of the inner copper core, upon which the design was struck.