What is a 1371 combat engineer?

What is a 1371 combat engineer?

Combat Engineers work hard to build and repair damaged infrastructure. They maintain buildings, roads, and power supplies for the Marine Corps. However, the job role is also considered dangerous as Engineers may face combat while making repairs or additions.

Does the Marine Corps have combat engineers?

Combat engineers build, repair, and maintain buildings, roads, and power supplies within the Marine Corps, frequently while under fire or in dangerous combat environments. Their jobs are among the most important in the Marines, and they’re often on the front line of any offensive action against enemy troops.

Do Marine combat engineers see combat?

Combat Engineers, in the GWOT at least and in the US ARMY (have a more specialized combat role compared to Marines who have a more broad role due to smaller size), saw a lot of Combat.

What USMC MOS is combat engineer?

MOS 1371
Marine Corps COOL Summary – MOS 1371 Combat Engineer.

What does a USMC combat engineer do?

Combat Engineers lead Marines in route reconnaissance, demolitions, mine and countermine warfare, obstacle emplacement, breaching and construction. Engineering is divided into four categories: mobility, counter-mobility, survivability and general engineering.

Where do most Marine combat engineers get stationed?

5 Marine Corps bases you’re most likely to get stationed at

  • Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Photo from the official Camp Lejeune facebook page.
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Photo from the official Camp Pendleton facebook page.
  • Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Photo by Sgt.
  • Marine Corps Base Okinawa.
  • Marine Corps Base Quantico.

What is the MOS for combat engineer?

Combat Engineers (MOS 12B) are important to the daily operations of the U.S. Army. An Army Combat Engineer serves, assists, or supervises a team while dealing with rough terrain and generally in combat situations. MOS 12B Army Engineers are experts in mobility, counter-mobility, engineering, and survival.

What is a Marine Corps Combat Engineer (MOS 1371)?

Marine Corps Combat Engineers (MOS 1371) receive a variety of training to prepare for the complex role that is extremely important to daily USMC operations. Image: Marine Forces Command The Marine Corps classifies its jobs as Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). Every USMC MOS has requirements to qualify for the military job.

Where do you train for MOS 1371 in the Marines?

The training grounds are out of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Moreover, any Marine with the rank of gunnery sergeant (E-7) or higher must complete the Engineer Operations Chief Course. Lastly, the Marine Corps also recommends the following courses for MOS 1371, but they are not mandatory:

What does a combat engineer do in the Marine Corps?

Combat Engineers work within the Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). They support ground forces by removing obstacles, building causeways, and erecting bunkers. Finally, MOS 1371 also learn carpentry skills and other trades so they can work on a wide range of construction projects.

What does mclep stand for in the Marines?

Marine Corps Logistics Education Program (MCLEP) Once a Marine is fully qualified he or she will receive an assignment to a combat engineer battalion, support battalion, or Marine wing support squadron. What does a Marine Combat Engineer Do?