What is 170 degrees Celsius for a fan oven?

What is 170 degrees Celsius for a fan oven?

Conversion Chart

Celsius (fan-forced oven) Celsius (conventional oven) Fahrenheit
160° 180° 350°
170° 190° 375°
180° 200° 400°
210° 230° 450°

What is 180 degrees in a fan assisted oven?

Oven temperature guide

 Electricity °C Electricity (fan) °C
180 160
Moderately hot 190 170
200 180
Hot 220 200

What is 425 on an electric oven?


Fahrenheit Celsius Gas Mark
350 degrees F 177 degrees C 4
375 degrees F 190 degrees C 5
400 degrees F 200 degrees C 6
425 degrees F 220 degrees C 7

What is 200cc fan?

Oven Temperature Conversion Table

Gas °F Fan
4 350 160
5 375 170
6 400 180
7 425 200

How does Circotherm® work?

How does CircoTherm® work? CircoTherm® works by drawing air in from the oven via a powerful stainless steel fan. It then heats up the air and forces it right back into the oven cavity through strategically placed ducts in the rear wall.

What is 4D Circotherm®?

The electronic motor automatically switches air rotation every few minutes to deliver even better heat distribution, facilitating cooking & baking on up to 4 levels simultaneously. 4D CircoTherm® is an energy efficient alternative to our 3D system and is standard on all N70 & N90 single ovens.

How many levels can I cook with Circotherm®?

Cook on up to 4 levels simultaneously without flavours intermingling. With CircoTherm® you can cook, roast and bake on all levels simultaneously, creating a whole menu of completely different dishes without flavours intermingling.

What is Circo therm intensive?

What is Circo Therm Intensive? CircoTherm Intensive uses a combination of CircoTherm and bottom heat, ideal for foods that need a crispy underside like pizzas or speciality breads. It can also be used for one stage pastry such as lemon meringue pie, eliminating the need for blind baking.