What happens to Sandy McSouthers?

What happens to Sandy McSouthers?

After working at Westing Paper Products for twenty years, he was fired, which is how he wound up as doorman. He doesn’t really die in the Westing house, and his name isn’t really Sandy McSouthers. He’s Sam Westing… in disguise.

Who pronounces Sandy McSouthers to be dead?

Doctor Sidney Sikes, the county coroner, pronounces the death of Alexander ”Sandy” McSouthers in Chapter 24, ”Wrong All Along.

What did Sandy McSouthers do in The Westing Game?

Sandy McSouthers is the doorman at Sunset Towers. He’s presented as one of Sam Westing’s 16 potential heirs, though he is secretly an alias of Westing.

Who dies in Chapter 30 of The Westing Game?

The End?: Chapter 30 Summary Eastman, whom she still calls “Sandy,” is dying.

How old is sandy McSouthers in The Westing Game?

Alexander “Sandy” McSouthers was a 65-year-old doorman but is also Sam Westing, Barney Northup, Julian R. Eastman, Windy Windkloppel (as discovered at the end of the story) in Sunset Towers.

What is the missing word from the will Westing Game?

Deere says Westing might not have been dead and Turtle claims that Crow’s not guilty of murdering Sandy. They realize one word is missing from the transcription of the will. With no missing word, it reads, “The heir who wins the windfall will be the one who finds the… FOURTH” (26.93).

Who is JJ Ford going to put through college *?

Judge Ford learned from the best benefactor of them all: Sam Westing. He bankrolled her education and helped make her into the kick-butt judge we meet at the beginning of The Westing Game.

What was in Sandy’s flask in The Westing Game?

She says Sandy kept medicine, not alcohol, in his flask. When the second part of the will was read, Turtle says, she saw Sandy coming out of the library.

What happens in Chapter 23 of The Westing Game?

Plum, Turtle, and Flora are already in the game room when Otis Amber arrives. Otis makes fun of Turtle’s short new haircut, but Flora distracts Turtle by pulling from her pocketbook a picture of her daughter, Rosalie. Turtle is touched. She compliments Rosalie’s sweet face and says she wishes she could have met her.

Who is dying at the opening of the final chapter The Westing Game?

The End? Mr. Eastman is eighty-five and dying, and Turtle’s at his bedside.