What happens if both clans get max stars?

What happens if both clans get max stars?

The concept of total destruction was introduced to minimize clan war ties, but if both clans get all stars, the total destruction amounts to 100%, and the war ends in a draw. If both the clans get all stars,then war will be declared as a TIE.

What happens if COC war draw?

For a draw you would earn half of the war win bonus, and for a Defeat you would earn only 3/7ths of the war win bonus. You and your clan gain all of the Clan XP that was earned throughout Battle Day, and an extra 50 Clan XP if your clan won the war.

What is the best time to start war in COC?

Night time is the always the best time to start wars, regardless of your country. Most players have their jobs to do or schools during the day. Starting the war at night gives you all day for preparation. In India, 2400 (Midnight) is the best time to start wars.

How many times can a base be attacked in clan wars?

How many times I can attack in a clan war? You can only attack 2 times during battle day, so make each attack count! Use scouting and clan chat to plan your attacks in advance. You can choose any opposing player to attack, but keep in mind that you cannot attack the same target with both attacks.

Can Co leaders start a clan war?

Leaders and Co-leaders can take their Clan to War by opening the Clan War screen and pressing the “Start War” button. The Leader selects the Clan members who will participate in the Clan War.

Why does it say war spectating not allowed?

“Prevent opening of war screen during CWL if you’re not at least Elder or included in the roster for all League levels.” In Clan War Leagues, the leaders sign up the clan and the members at the start. In this case, these players will not even be able to spectate the wars.

Who wins a clan war if its tied?

1 Answer. If the two clans have the same amount of stars at the end of the war, whichever clan has a higher average destruction will win. In the unlikely event that the two clans have the same average damage, the war will end in a draw, and both clans will receive reduced loot, but more than if they had lost.