What happened to the original Old Spice scent?

What happened to the original Old Spice scent?

In early 2008, the original Old Spice scent was repackaged as “Classic Scent”, both in the after shave and cologne versions. The white glass bottles gave way to plastic, and the gray stoppers to red. In January 2016, Procter & Gamble changed the scent of its Old Spice Classic After Shave.

Why you shouldn’t use Old Spice?

In response, Procter & Gamble is recalling some lots of Old Spice and Secret aerosol sprays. Exposure to benzene over a long period can cause problems with the immune system, bone marrow and blood, including cancer in the blood, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Did Old Spice discontinue after hours?

“I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but After Hours Body has been discontinued. Give one of our other scents a try.” — A 2018 tweet from the @OldSpice Twitter account, slightly edited for grammar.

Did Old Spice discontinued Denali?

The Denali scent was discontinued, and it’s no longer available. I’m so sorry to have disappointed you. I hope you’ll try one of our other scents.

Did Old Spice discontinue hawkridge?

When Hawkridge was discontinued, I discovered that Old Spice had changed the name to Dragonblast and slightly tweaked the formula. Dragonblast smelled similar enough to Hawkridge that I continued using it as my normal deodorant.

Does Degree deodorant have aluminum?

Degree Odor Protect is Degree’s first-ever alcohol and aluminum free deodorant for women. With 48HRs of Degree’s trusted long-lasting odor protection, it gives you 100% confidence with 0% aluminum.

What does Old Spice captain smell like?

Old Spice Men’s Body Wash cleans skin and throws odor out on its ear. Captain smells like the bold determination it takes to stare down the open ocean and laugh, with an invigorating splash and fresh sandalwood. Step out of the shower fresher and manlier than ever.