What happened to Sloane Hayes hit the floor?

What happened to Sloane Hayes hit the floor?

In “Rebound” Sloane and Pete start talking about the past and how they got to where they are now, it is in this episode that it is revealed by Sloane left that life behind. It was all because she caught Pete sleeping with Olivia Vincent.

What happened to Raquel hit the floor?

Devils Nation lost a fan favorite last night when Raquel Saldana, played by Valery Ortiz, succumbed to a heart condition on the penultimate episode of Hit The Floor’s third season.

Who really killed Olivia on hit the floor?

Lionel tells Sloane that she manipulated her into incriminating Oscar so Lionel could get rid of him and take over the team. Jelena’s price for helping Lionel is Ahsha being fired from the Devil Girls. German is revealed to be the person who killed Olivia, after intercepting one of her red envelopes meant for Ahsha.

Does Sloane go to jail hit the floor?

Sloane finally gets arrested for killing Olivia. What’s even worse is, they’re using that bogus suicide note that Sloane was forced to write when she was being held hostage as evidence because, of course, the guy that tried to kill her is also a corrupt cop.

Does German confess to killing Olivia?

The episode ends with Ahsha and Derek arriving at the police station so that Ahsha can drop the dime, but German had been there waiting for for their arrival before he finally made his presence known by confessing instead of waiting for Ahsha to do it.

Who Shot Jelena on hit the floor?

She has been show to run the team and is in close association with Olivia Vincent. She hates Ahsha and sees her as a threat. Later on in season 3 her and Terrance separate and she later is shot by Sloane Hayes.

Did Ahsha and Derek get married?

The shooter is revealed. Derek and Ahsha get married. They believe everything will be perfect, but with Jelena nothing is predictable.

What happened to Ahsha and Derek?

Derek and Ahsha marry and have a son. Zero and Jude marry and have a daughter. Jelena and Terrence get back together, too.

Does German go to jail in hit the floor?

It’s all in the recap below! German is promptly arrested for the murder of Olivia and Sloane asks Ahsha what Olivia had over her. She tells them that she didn’t win all-star and didn’t tell them because she was supposed to be the “good girl”.

What episode does Derek propose to Ahsha?

“Hit the Floor” Fast Break (TV Episode 2013) – IMDb.