What happened to Sister Wendy?

What happened to Sister Wendy?

Sister Wendy Beckett, a Roman Catholic nun who interrupted a cloistered life of prayer in England in 1991 and soared to international stardom with lyrical BBC documentaries that made her one of the most improbable art critics in television history, died on Wednesday in the village of East Harling, England. She was 88.

Where did Sister Wendy Beckett live?

Sister Wendy Beckett, a Catholic nun who left her cloistered life in the British countryside to become an unlikely international celebrity by presenting television programs on art history, died Dec. 26 at a residential care facility near Quidenham, England, where she lived on the grounds of a Carmelite monastery.

What are some of the Best Sister Wendy documentaries?

Beckett narrates the following documentaries: 1 Sister Wendy’s Odyssey (1992) 2 Sister Wendy’s Grand Tour (1994) 3 Sister Wendy’s Pains of Glass (1995) 4 Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting (1996) 5 Saints with Sister Wendy (1997) 6 Sister Wendy’s American Collection (2001) 7 Sister Wendy at the Norton Simon Museum (2002) More

What was sister Wendy’s favourite book on Desert Island?

In December 2012 Sister Wendy was the guest for BBC Radio 4 ‘s Desert Island Discs. Her favourite choice was ” Serenade ” (D 957 No. 4) by Franz Schubert, her chosen book was “an enormous book of logical puzzles”, and her luxury item was a “refrigerated tabernacle”.

How popular was sister Wendy’s Grand Tour?

Her programmes, such as Sister Wendy’s Odyssey and Sister Wendy’s Grand Tour, often drew a 25 percent share of the British viewing audience.

When did Beckett write encounters with God?

In May 2009, Encounters with God: In Quest of the Ancient Icons of Mary was published, which follows Beckett’s pilgrimage to see the earliest icons of Mary which had survived the Byzantine Iconoclasm. Beckett continued writing about her interest in icons in the second volume of her Sister Wendy Contemplates series, published in July 2011.