What happened to Rob and Stacey CTV Edmonton?

What happened to Rob and Stacey CTV Edmonton?

Stacey Brotzel and Rob Williams have been released by CTV Edmonton. The on-air team had co-hosted CTV Morning Live Edmonton since 2012. They were informed following the Sept. 14 show that it would be their last with the station.

Who are the anchors on CTV?

CTV National News became the top-rated newscast for the first time in its history….

CTV National News
Created by Charles Lynch Peter Stursberg Peter Jennings
Presented by Lisa LaFlamme (2011–present; weeknights) Sandie Rinaldo (1985–1989, 1991–present; weekends)
Country of origin Canada

What happened to traffic Girl on CTV Edmonton?

March, 2020: Jordan Hertner is no longer with the company. Finally, Jordan joined us as the Traffic Specialist for CTV Morning Live, where she helps people plan their morning commute, delivers entertainment news, and gives Cory Edel a hard time.

What does Stacey Brotzel do now?

Co-host, CTV Morning Live.

Who is replacing Kent Morrison?

Ziyah Karmali
EDMONTON — Ziyah Karmali and Kent Morrison are the new co-hosts for CTV Morning Live Edmonton.

Who is the new weather girl on CTV Edmonton?

As co-host of CTV Morning Live, Ziyah Karmali keeps Edmonton viewers informed with the stories they need to know to start their day. Born and raised in Alberta’s capital city, she is a familiar and trusted voice to Edmontonians, having spent more than a decade working in local TV and radio.

Did Kent Morrison quit Global?

Today was a bittersweet day on Global News Morning Weekend… as the team said goodbye to Kent Morrison. He’s sticking around on weekday mornings, but it was the end of an era. Here’s a look back at some great moments with Kent on the weekend.

Who is Ziyah Karmali?

Did Kent Morrison leave Global News?