What happened to Lockitron?

What happened to Lockitron?

Chamberlain Group acquires Lockitron and Tend for its myQ smart garage hub. Chamberlain Group, which owns several security and access brands including the myQ smart garage hub, has added two new companies to its portfolio: connected door lock maker Lockitron and Wi-Fi home security camera startup Tend.

How does Lockitron work?

Inherently, Lockitron is supposed to lock/unlock your deadbolt. It utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi to connect to the device itself. If you have a compatible Bluetooth 4.0 device, the Lockitron will “sense” and automatically wake up and respond to commands. If you don’t, you’re stuck using Wi-Fi connectivity.

What is Kisi Smart Lock?

Smart locks and remote access control Smart locks use an electromechanical lock system to perform the locking and unlocking functions on a door. Kisi is an advanced access control system with remote and automatic door locks for businesses.

Can iPhone use RFID?

iPhones, like all modern smartphones, come equipped with a standard Bluetooth chip. These chips emit signals in the radio wave range and turn your iPhone into a sort of RFID emitter. For a more in-depth explanation of Bluetooth technology, please visit this article.

Is RFID and NFC the same?

NFC stands for Near-Field Communication. NFC is also based on the RFID protocols. The main difference to RFID is that a NFC device can act not only as a reader, but also as a tag (card emulation mode). In peer-to-peer mode, it is also possible to transfer information between two NFC devices.

Is there an app to unlock car doors?

The myChevrolet App can also be used to unlock your car keys if you’re in a bind. The mobile command center transforms your mobile device into a makeshift remote key fob, allowing you to remote start, stop, lock, unlock, and even activate the horn on your vehicle. Download the myChevrolet App on Apple iOS or Android.

Can I use my phone as an access card?

Your phone (Android phone) can act both like a reader and a card (like those commonly used in office buildings). With an NFC lock, you can use an App to emulate an NFC card and just place your phone’s NFC reader near to the NFC lock and that’s it! =)