What happened to KBPI radio station?

What happened to KBPI radio station?

As we previously reported iHeartMedia Active Rock 106.7 KBPI has begun its move to 107.9. The station will be heard on not only 107.9 K300CP Denver and the soon-to-be former KPAW Fort Collins, but also replaced the similar Active Rock format of “Z107. 9” KDZA-FM Pueblo/Colorado Springs.

Where does Kbpi broadcast from?

Northern Colorado
CheyenneDenver Metropolitan Area
KBPI/Broadcast areas

Is Willie B still on Kbpi?

Willie B has been a local radio mainstay with KBPI for the past 28 years. He currently hosts the station’s morning show.

What’s playing on Kbpi right now?

107.9 KBPI Music

  • LifelineBad WolvesLifeline 4:18 PM.
  • Taking Me BackJack WhiteTaking Me Back 4:07 PM.
  • SanteriaSublimeSublime 4:04 PM.
  • Wrong Side of HeavenFive Finger Death PunchA Decade of Destruction 4:01 PM.
  • Bullet With Butterfly WingsSmashing PumpkinsMellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness 3:56 PM.

Who is Willie B’s wife?

Willie Geist
Occupation Television personality journalist
Years active 1997–present
Spouse(s) Christina Sharkey ​ ( m. 2003)​
Children 2

What is Willie B’s net worth?

Willie D net worth: Willie D is an American rap artist who has a net worth of $1 million dollars….Willie D Net Worth.

Net Worth: $1 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Record producer, Rapper
Nationality: United States of America

What happened to Willie B?

Willie B. passed away in February 2000. His memorial service, where he was eulogized by Ambassador Andrew Young, was attended by more than 5,000 people. His legacy lives on in what is now an internationally-recognized gorilla program and in his children and grandchildren.

Did Willie B have kids?

The Ford African Rain Forest would become the home of a new group of gorillas, some of whom became the mothers of Willie B.’s five offspring: Kudzoo, Olympia, Sukari, Willie B., Jr., and Lulu.

What is Willie B’s real name?

William Thomas Trenell Brown
Willie B (producer)

Willie B
Birth name William Thomas Trenell Brown
Born July 5, 1983 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Record producer rapper

What’s Scarface’s net worth?

He stayed with the Geto Boys while continuing a solo career. As of 2021, Scarface’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $100 thousand….

Net Worth: $100 Thousand
Born: November 9, 1970
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper
Last Updated: 2021

How big is a gorilla’s PP?

A. Though we doubt you’ve actually compared members with a gorilla, that’s right: gorilla junk is only about the size of your pinkie.

How old was Willie B when died?

A legend in his own time, remembered fondly by generations of Atlantans, and an icon of the transformation of Zoo Atlanta, Willie B. the western lowland gorilla lived at the Zoo from 1961 until his passing in 2000 at the age of 42.

What radio station is KBPI?

107.9 KBPI is an Active Rock radio station serving Denver-Boulder, CO. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia. Frequency: 107.9 FM

What happened to KBPI Colorado Springs?

On December 11, KBPI’s programming and call letters then moved to the 107.9 frequency vacated by KPAW and co-channel Denver translator K300CP, while sister station KDZA in Pueblo, which also serves Colorado Springs, flipped to a simulcast of KBPI (and switched their calls to KBPL the following month).

When did KBPI switch to country?

The previous 106.7 signal, which warehoused the KYWY call letters, simulcasted KBPI for a week before flipping to country as KWBL on December 18, 2017.

What does KBPI’s Remarkable Mouth mean?

This catchphrase is still used in advertising and for a while the campaign was used at other rock radio stations in the United States and Canada. The “blonde woman” AKA “KBPI’s Remarkable Mouth” was Kelly Harmon, sister of actor Mark Harmon .