What happened to Jada from BGC 12?

What happened to Jada from BGC 12?

Jada Cacchilli (also known as The Rough Rhymer) is an original bad girl in Season 12 and Season 13. Originally, she auditioned for the spot in Season 11, but she was rejected. Jada is currently 35 years old and she resides in Queens, New York.

What was Redd in jail for?

Trippie Redd Avoids Prosecution for 2018 Aggravated Assault and Battery Charges. In 2018, Trippie Redd was arrested in Atlanta after a woman alleged that he struck her in the head with a handgun and pointed a weapon at her.

Why did Alyssa Carswell go to jail?

Exclusive Details: Redd From Bad Girl’s Club Season 12 Arrested & Charged With 3rd Degree Felony (Fraud) Mugshot Inside! Redd (her real name is Alyssa Carswell) was arrested and taken to Leon County Jail in Tallahassee, Florida this past Friday (2/6) for dealing in stolen property and uttering forged instruments.

How old is Jada from BGC?


Bad Girl Age Season
Jada Cacchilli 28 12
Judi Jai 25 7
Julie Ofcharsky 25 9
Natalie Nunn 29 4

Why did Trippie Redd get locked up?

Trippie Redd is currently incarcerated at Fulton County Jail after being arrested on Tuesday in Atlanta, Georgia for aggravated assault and battery. Born, Michael Lamar White IV, the 18-year-old Ohio rapper was accused of striking a woman against the head with a gun.

Did Redd leave BGC?

1 Linsey was removed from the house in episode 2 after a physical altercation with Jada and being physical towards the producers. 2 Aysia replaced Linsey in episode 3. 3 Redd voluntarily left the house in episode 8 due to a family emergency.

How tall is Natalie Nunn?

5′ 6″Natalie Nunn / Height

Where was BGC 12 filmed?

Season Twelve: Chicago is the twelfth season of the Oxygen reality television series, Bad Girls Club. It was filmed in Chicago in 2013.