What happened to Jac naylors daughter?

What happened to Jac naylors daughter?

During Jac’s 20-week scan, she finds out that her baby has congenital diaphragmatic hernia and only a 50% chance of survival after birth. Jonny tells Jac he will support her in any decision she makes. Jac decides to have an abortion.

What is wrong with Kian in Holby City?

Tragedy struck after struggling drug addict Kian took an overdose, following the double stabbing horror of Andrei and Evie. And, despite Kian’s colleagues valiantly trying to revive him, Hanssen was sadly left with no choice but to call a Time of Death for Mr Madani.

What happened to Jac Naylor?

Holby City’s Jac Naylor dropped a devastating bombshell on colleague Henrik Hanssen in tonight’s episode (August 10), as she revealed she has a brain tumour.

Who is Rosie Marcel husband?

Ben Staceym. 2013
Scott Buncem. 2004–2011
Rosie Marcel/Husband

What illness does Rosie Marcel have?

It turned out she had a blood clotting disorder. She told the Mirror in 2011: “The doctors told me I’d almost bled to death and further tests revealed I had a blood clotting problem, the female form of haemophilia.” Unfortunately, Rosie also found out she had Behcet’s disease six years later.

Who is the Canadian doctor in Holby City?

Ramin Karimloo
Ramin Karimloo is an Iranian-Canadian actor and singer. He currently portrays Kian Madani in Holby City.

Which doctor died in Holby?

Cameron ruins Xavier’s career and he is killed after being hit by a bicycle and sustaining a fatal head injury. Xavier’s final appearance occurred in the fourteenth episode of series 22, which was broadcast on 14 April 2020.

Does Jac Naylor have a brain tumour?

At the start of this week’s instalment, Jac was ready to undergo a new and experimental treatment to try and shrink her brain tumour. Called Proton Beam Therapy, the character believes it is her only chance of being able to live a normal life with her tumour still inside her head.

Is Jac Naylor back for good?

Jac is back Holby City viewers were shocked when Jac Naylor returned to the hospital as the new Director of Improvement. Earlier this year, Holby fans were devastated when it was announced Rosie Marcel, who had played Jac for 16 years, would be leaving the BBC medical drama.

Is Jac Naylor married in real life?

Marcel is known for her role as Jac Naylor, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon lead in the BBC drama series Holby City, a role she has also played in sister series Casualty….

Rosie Marcel
Years active 1981–present
Spouse(s) Ben Stacey ​ ( m. 2013)​
Children 1
Parent(s) Terry Marcel (father)

Does Rosie Marcel have kids?

Beau Marcel Stacey
Rosie Marcel/Children

How many series of Holby City have there been?

Twenty-two series of Holby City have aired with a twenty-third currently airing; it was confirmed in June 2021 that this series would be its last. The show has run for over 1000 hour-long episodes.

Is there a connection between Casualty and Holby City?

Prior to the commissioning of [email protected] City, the two shows had occasionally crossed-over storylines and cast members before; for instance developing a romance between Holby City’s Ben Saunders (David Paisley) and Casualty’s Tony Vincent (Lee Warburton).

How much does it cost to produce Holby City?

Episodes of Holby City cost around £370,000 to produce—more than the BBC soap opera EastEnders, at £130,000 per episode, but less than Casualty at £450,000 per episode, or Dalziel and Pascoe at £700–800,000 per episode. As Holby City is a high-volume, year-round production, it has relatively low production costs.

Who are the guest stars in Holby City?

Holby City has featured a number of famous guest stars. Emma Samms, Antonio Fargas, Ronald Pickup and Leslie Phillips made appearances within the show’s first few series, and Anita Dobson, Peter Bowles and Susannah York all appeared in the fiftieth episode.