What happened to Century III mall?

What happened to Century III mall?

Century III Mall was ordered to close in February 2019 by West Mifflin officials, who deemed the property “unsafe and uninhabitable.” Anchor stores Dick’s Sporting Goods and JCPenney lasted a little bit longer, with Dick’s closing in March 2019 and JCPenney shutting down in October 2020.

Is Century 3 mall abandoned?

Named after the United State’s 1976 bicentennial, Century III Mall is an abandoned shopping center in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. It was the third-largest enclosed mall in the world at 1.6 million square feet at the time of its completion in 1979.

Where was Century 111 mall?

West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Century III Mall

Location 3075 Clairton Rd. (PA 51) West Mifflin, Pennsylvania 15123
Coordinates 40.338°N 79.944°WCoordinates:40.338°N 79.944°W
Opening date Phase I – October 24, 1979 Phase II – March 12, 1980
Closing date February 16, 2019
Developer Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation

When did Century III Mall open?

October 24, 1979
Century III Plaza/Opened

Who built Century 3 Mall?

Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation
The development of the Century III Mall began as a collaboration between the Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation of Youngstown, Ohio and the Pittsburgh-based United States Steel Corporation in the mid-1970s. When the mall opened in 1979, it was the third largest enclosed shopping center in the world.

Who owned Century 3 Mall?

Moonbeam Capital Investments
Century III Plaza/Owners

When did Dixie Square Mall close?

November 1978
Dixie Square Mall

Front cover of mall directory
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Address 15151 Dixie Highway
Opening date August 31, 1966
Closing date November 1978

What district is Monroeville in?

Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district
Representative Mike Doyle D–Pittsburgh
Population (2019) 693,858
Median household income $58,743
Ethnicity 75.2% White 17.9% Black 4.2% Asian 2.5% Hispanic 0.2% Native American

What district is Wexford PA?

Wexford is an unincorporated community in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States. The area known as Wexford is split among multiple municipalities, including Franklin Park, McCandless Township, Pine Township, and Marshall Township….

Wexford, Pennsylvania
Area code(s) 412, 724, 878
GNIS feature ID 1191197

What mall did the Blues Brothers destroy?

After closure (originally planned to be remodeled), the mall was used for a scene in the film The Blues Brothers and then left abandoned….Dixie Square Mall.

Front cover of mall directory
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Address 15151 Dixie Highway
Opening date August 31, 1966
Closing date November 1978

Did the Blues Brothers really drive through a mall?

Car-chase mall from ‘Blues Brothers’ now a wreck, but it was all fake then, and it’s been gone for years. Some of the few recognizable elements are actually stage dressing left by Universal Studios in 1979. The mall had closed a year earlier after just 13 years in operation.

Is JCPenney coming back to Century III Mall?

It’s the end of the line for JCPenney at Century III Mall. The store will close for good on Monday, Oct. 26. The store in West Mifflin has been holding a liquidation sale for weeks in anticipation of the closure. It was the last remaining store at Century III Mall.

What happened to the Macy’s Century III Mall?

In April 2009, Macy’s Furniture closed its Century III Mall location as a cost-cutting measure. Just prior to the closing, the fountain near the food court was drained and filled with mulch. In 2010, La Hacienda opened in the former Ruby Tuesday space, but it closed and was eventually replaced with Old Mexico Restaurant in 2015.

Where is the Century III Mall in Pittsburgh?

Century III Mall. Century III Mall is an ailing enclosed shopping mall located in the southern Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin, Pennsylvania.

Who owns Century III Mall in Las Vegas?

It was once the third largest shopping mall in the world when it opened in 1979. The mall was originally developed and owned by Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation. From 1996–2011, Century III Mall was owned and operated by Simon Property Group. The vacant mall site is currently owned by Las Vegas -based Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC.