What happened to Ashworth golf apparel?

What happened to Ashworth golf apparel?

TaylorMade Golf’s Ashworth brand has been acquired by YGM Group, a Hong Kong based company that develops apparel retail and wholesale business and distributes for brands like Tommy Bahama. According to a press release, the terms of the deal were undisclosed.

Is Ashworth golf still in business?

Ashworth is an United States clothing brand, currently owned by the YGM Group since 2019….Ashworth (clothing)

Formerly Charter Golf, Inc.
Founded 1987 in California
Founder Gerald Montiel and John Ashworth
Fate Became a brand of Adidas, then sold
Headquarters United States

Who owns Ashworth golf?

TaylorMade Golf
Ashworth/Parent organizations

Who owns Linksoul?

John Ashworth
John Ashworth – Linksoul, Founder and President.

Is Ashworth a good brand?

We feel that the overall quality of Ashworth is good. Over time, however, we have noticed the difference in the quality of some items. For example, the main differences we found in polo shirts are the inconsistencies of sizes between the geographic manufacturing locations.

Who owns Ashworth?

Who owns Goat Hill?

The management group is lead by local resident and golf industry veteran John Ashworth and his Linksoul co-founder Geoff Cunningham. Asked to give a brief description of what makes Goat Hill Park so special, Ashworth says ” First off the 75 acres of rolling landscape and ocean views are exceptional.

Where are Linksoul clothes made?

Duluth, Georgia
Linksoul General Information Designer and manufacturer of apparel and outdoor clothing in Duluth, Georgia.

Where is Linksoul made?

The Linksoul Lab, our headquarters on Pacific Coast Hwy in Oceanside, CA, includes our design center and community event space in which we host art shows, concerts, benefits, teach workshops and screen local documentaries.

What does the name Ashworth mean?

English (chiefly Lancashire): habitational name from any of various places called Ashworth, in Lancashire and elsewhere, from Old English æsc ‘ash tree’ + wor{dh} ‘enclosed settlement’.

How long does it take to play Goat Hill?

Took 3 hours to play 9 holes.

What is Goat Hill?

Welcome to Goat Hill Park Golf Course Originally built in 1952 as a regulation length 9 hole par 36 layout, Center City Golf Course was one of the first golf courses in San Diego county. The course was redesigned in the early 90’s by Ludwig Keehn into an 18 hole short course and became known as “Goat Hill” to locals.