What fruit and vegetables grow well together?

What fruit and vegetables grow well together?

Companion Planting Chart

Type of Vegetable Friends
Strawberries Bush beans, caraway, chives, lettuce, onions, sage, spinach, squash
Tomatoes Asparagus, carrots, celery, onions, parsley, peppers
Zucchini Beans, corn, dill, garlic, marigolds, nasturtiums, oregano, peas, radishes, spinach

How do I organize my garden?

5 Tips for How to Organize Your Garden

  1. Plan Your Garden on Paper.
  2. Mark Your Calendar.
  3. Plant in Blocks, Use Raised Beds & Trellises.
  4. Organize Your Supplies.
  5. Stay On Top of Maintenance.

What vegetables can be planted together?

Easy Reference of Which Vegetables Grow Well Together

Vegetable Companion Plant
Cabbage Family (cabbage, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts) Beets, celery, dill, Swiss chard, lettuce, spinach, onions, potatoes
Carrots Beans, tomatoes
Celery Beans, tomatoes, cabbages
Corn Cucumber, melons, squash, peas, beans, pumpkin

What fruits and vegetables should not be planted together?

Easy Reference of Which Vegetables Grow Well Together

Vegetable Companion Plant Don’t Plant Together
Melons Corn, pumpkin, radish, squash None
Onions Beets, carrots, Swiss chard, lettuce, peppers All beans and peas
Peas Beans, carrots, corn, cucumbers, radish, turnip Garlic, onions
Potatoes Beans, corn, peas Tomatoes

Which fruits can be planted together?

Companion Planting Guide: Fruits and Vegetables That Grow Well…

  • Corn, Beans, and Squash (The Three Sisters)
  • Radishes with Spinach (and Squash, Too)
  • Tomatoes with Cabbage.
  • Beans and Cauliflower.
  • Peppers with Spinach, Lettuce, and Radishes (and more)
  • Broccoli with Onions, Garlic, Celery, and Beets (and More)

Can I plant tomatoes and cucumbers next to each other?

Compatibility for Companion Planting Cucumbers are considered compatible with tomatoes by garden experts, including Dr. Leonard Githinji of Virginia State University. Their growth habits are similar enough to be complementary, and so are their aversions (both tomatoes and cucumbers dislike growing near potatoes).

What can you plant with strawberries?

COMPANIONS: Strawberries grow happily with beans, borage, chives, lettuce, onions, peas, radishes and spinach.

What vegetables should you not grow together?

Other commonly believed plant incompatibilities include the following plants to avoid near one another:

  • Mint and onions where asparagus is growing.
  • Pole beans and mustard near beets.
  • Anise and dill neighboring carrots.
  • Cucumber, pumpkin, radish, sunflower, squash, or tomatoes close to potato hills.