What font goes well with Copperplate?

What font goes well with Copperplate?

Helvetica Condensed
Or combine narrow with wide—a good font pairing for Copperplate is something thinner like Helvetica Condensed.

What kind of font is Copperplate?

Copperplate is like a sans-serif typeface – its maker even called it Gothic – with serifs. The vertical and horizontal stroke weights are very like a sans-serif typeface, yet the terminus of each stroke is affixed with a standard serif.

Is Copperplate a standard font?

Although a true lowercase has never been designed, Copperplate Gothic is ideal for all-capital text typically set in small print. For example, it’s very popular for use on business cards….Overview.

Styles & Weights Copperplate Gothic Bold Copperplate Gothic Light
Designers N/A

What Google font is similar to Copperplate?

About Balthazar Balthazar is a contemporary “Copperplate Gothic like” serif typeface inspired by the kind of typefaces used by many bistros and cafes in New York City and Paris. Unusually this type includes lowercase letters.

Who made copperplate font?

Frederic W. Goudy
Copperplate Gothic is a typeface designed by Frederic W. Goudy and released by American Type Founders (ATF) in 1901. While termed a “Gothic” (another term for sans-serif), the face has small glyphic serifs that act to emphasize the blunt terminus of vertical and horizontal strokes.

What font goes with Candara?

Calibri and Candara Calibri and Candara create sans serif font pairings that go particularly well together. They have a similar height and width fingerprint, which keeps them from looking unbalanced. The openness of letters such as “C” also makes these two mesh well.

Why is it called Copperplate?

Copperplate, or English Roundhand, is a style of calligraphic writing, using a sharp pointed nib instead of the flat nib used in most calligraphic writing. Its name comes from the fact that the copybooks from which students learned it was printed from etched copper plates.

What is Copperplate used for?

Copper plate is used in missile components and nuclear materials storage. Copper plate, with the characteristics of being highly conductive as well as resistant to corrosion, provides just the right aspects to make it ideal for military use.

Where is copperplate gothic used?

The typeface is often used in stationery, for social printing and business cards. It is also classically seen acid-etched into glass on the doors of law offices, banks and restaurants.

What does Candara font look like?

Candara is a casual humanist sans with verticals showing a graceful entasis on stems, high-branching arcades in the lowercase, large apertures in all open forms, and unique ogee curves on diagonals. The resultant texture is lively but not intrusive, and makes for a friendly and readable text.

Is Candara a good font?

Candara has curvy diagonals (see the letter x) and has similar spacing as Corbel and Calibri. The curviness of the font gives it a lot of personality compared to the other “C-fonts” – which can be both good or bad.