What fish can live with fantail goldfish?

What fish can live with fantail goldfish?

As slow swimmers, Fantails can’t escape from fish that bother them. Small shoaling fish are good companions. You could try Zebra Danios, Neon Tetras, Mollies, Rosy Barbs, or White Cloud Mountain Minnows. Angelfish and Dwarf Gourami are some possible larger options.

Can black mollies and goldfish live together?

Mollies Temperament Mollies are also another peaceful breed of fish! However, they are not recommended to be placed with Goldfish, which may not make any sense due to their temperaments being similar. Either way, it’s best to keep the Mollies away from Goldfish to protect their wellbeing.

Can black tetras live with goldfish?

Pros of keeping Black Skirt Tetras with goldfish: β˜‘ Black Skirt Tetras are hardy and easy to care for. β˜‘ They’re fast, so can out-run goldfish if necessary. β˜‘ Like the Platy, Black Skirt Tetras are usually too big for goldfish to try to eat.

Can fantail goldfish live with Danios?

Zebra danios are fast moving, tiny fish that can easily tolerate the same temperature range as goldfish. Beware, they are small enough that adult goldfish can eat them. It’s a risk to mix these two species, but danios can dart very quickly and should be able to easily outswim a goldy.

Is black moor a goldfish?

As Goldfish, Black Moors are from the Cyprinidae family. However, these are no ordinary Goldfish, they belong in a group known as Fancy Goldfish. Each variety of Fancy Goldfish has its own distinctive features and for Black Moors, it’s their large telescopic eyes.

Can Shubunkin goldfish live with fantail goldfish?

Common goldfish, comets, and shubunkins cannot be kept with fancy goldfish. Additionally, some types of fancy goldfish such as orandas, black moors, and fantails shouldn’t be kept with other fancy types like ranchus. Nipping can also be a factor, and something that fancier and slower goldfish are unable to avoid.

Can I put guppies with goldfish?

Guppies and goldfish can live together, however, it’s not going to be as easy as putting them in a tank and leaving them to it. You need to make sure that you’ve set the tank up perfectly, otherwise, something could go wrong.

What fish can live with black Moors?

Other Fancy Goldfish You could go one better and house them with other fish that have visual impairments, such as bubble eye goldfish or telescope goldfish. The same space requirements stand as when you’re keeping them with other black moors.

Can koi fish live with goldfish?

Koi and goldfish can be kept in the same pond, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Both koi and goldfish can be beautiful and they come in a variety of colors. Koi will breed with the goldfish. Some of the baby fish (fry) will be born brown or grey and may turn orange as they get older.

What size tank does a black moor goldfish need?

20 gallon aquarium
A single Black Moor Goldfish will need at least a 20 gallon aquarium. For each addition Black Moor you keep, you will need an additional 10 gallons.

Can you put snails with goldfish?

In conclusion. The best types of snail to keep with goldfish are Netrite Snails, Mystery Snails, and Japanese Trapdoor Snails. These snails grow large enough that your goldfish won’t bother them, and they enjoy the same water parameters as goldfish too. Goldfish will readily eat small snails that can fit in their mouth …

How long do black moor goldfish live?

It s velvety appearance fades with age. Prolonged exposure to cold water will cause the metallic black color to fade. Black Moors live 6-10 years but have been known to live up to 25. Visit our Fish Care Center to find products, care information and bright ideas to enhance your underwater world.