What engine came in the Ford Talladega?

What engine came in the Ford Talladega?

All production Talladegas were actually equipped with the new 428 Cobra Jet, which, while very powerful and reliable, was intended as a street engine for Ford’s muscle cars, as it developed high torque at low RPMs, rather than being a high-revving race engine.

How many cars Talladega built?

As was the case with the Dodge Daytona and similarly bodied Plymouth Superbird (based on a Road Runner), the Ford Talladega was an extremely limited model, with slightly more than 750 cars made out of a total Torino production run of more than 81,600.

What is the wheelbase on a 1969 Ford Torino?

116.0 in

1969 Ford Fairlane/Torino
Wheelbase 116.0 in (2,946 mm) 113.0 in (2,870 mm) (wagon)
Length 201.0 in (5,105 mm) 203.9 in (5,179 mm) (wagon) 206 in (5,232 mm) (Talladega)
Width 74.6 in (1,895 mm)
Curb weight 3,010–3,556 lb (1,365–1,613 kg)* *Shipping weight

Who drove a Torino in Nascar?

David Pearson
Various well- known drivers piloted this car in the 1972 season including David Pearson, Donnie Allison and Bobby Isaac. Driving a car like this one, it was Isaac who, a year later, famously retired from the sport at a mid-race pit stop at Talladega because he decided it was time to do so.

Who made the Cyclone Spoiler?

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II
Manufacturer Mercury (Ford)
Also called Ford Torino Talladega
Production 1969
Model years 1969

How much horsepower does a 1972 Gran Torino have?

The Gran Torino’s hot motor for 1972 was the 4-barrel high-output 248 net horsepower (which would have been around 300 horsepower in 1971 and before – gross horsepower ratings) 351 Cleveland V8 – the only motor for the 1972 Gran Torino to receive the “Cobra Jet” designation.

What is a 1972 Gran Torino worth?

Data based on 23 auction sales. note: The images shown are representations of the 1972 Ford Torino and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction….Ford Models.

Bodystyles Median Sale
Gran Torino Sport HardTop Coupe $6,200
Gran Torino V8 Series Sport HardTop $9,500

What is a Lemans car?

A Le Mans Prototype (LMP) is the type of sports prototype race car used in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, FIA World Endurance Championship, WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, European Le Mans Series and Asian Le Mans Series. The technical requirements for an LMP include bodywork covering all mechanical elements of the car.

What kind of car is the Ford Torino Talladega?

Design. The 1969 Torino Talladega was based on the Fairlane Cobra “Sportsroof” (Ford’s trade name for a fastback) 2-door hardtop. To make the car more aerodynamic at high speeds, a sleeker front section (whose design and construction is often attributed to the Holman-Moody race team’s shop) was added.

Is a Torino Talladega a collectible?

Today, a Torino Talladega is a very collectible car. It was a special purpose built vehicle (some have even called it a “showroom race car”) with a very strong racing history, with major links to the NASCAR teams of 1969, that achieved great success during the Aero Wars. Those few examples that still exist today, do so in very limited numbers.

What happened to the Ford Talladega in 1970?

Subsequently, most of the NASCAR and ARCA race teams that were running Fords continued to run their 1969 Talladegas in 1970 without any factory support, when it became apparent that their Talladegas were aerodynamically superior to the 1970 Torinos Ford had intended to be the Talladega’s replacement.

What engine does David Pearson use in his Talladega racing car?

Reproduction of David Pearson’s 1969 NASCAR Championship Talladega Racing versions of the car were initially fitted with the FE 427 side oiler engine that had been Ford’s main racing engine since 1963.