What does thwack mean?

What does thwack mean?

: to strike with or as if with something flat or heavy : whack. thwack. noun. Definition of thwack (Entry 2 of 2) : a heavy blow : whack also : the sound of or as if of such a blow.

What figurative language is thwack?

onomatopoeia. thwack, hiss, vroom, pow.

What does cranny mean?

Definition of cranny 1 : a small break or slit : crevice. 2 : an obscure nook or corner. Other Words from cranny Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About cranny.

How does whack thwack work?

Overview. Whack is a move that has a chance to one-hit-KO, which increases along with Hero and the hit enemy’s damage, similarly to Thwack. If both Hero and the Opponent are at 100%, the move will have roughly 65% chance of KO-ing. If the opponent is at 160%, the move will always KO.

Is thwack a sound?

A thwack is a sound made when two solid objects hit each other hard.

What does getting pummeled mean?

to repeatedly hit or punch
: to repeatedly hit or punch (someone or something) very hard. See the full definition for pummel in the English Language Learners Dictionary. pummel. verb.

What does it mean to pummel yourself?

verb. 3. To cause to undergo harm or loss.

What is thwack hero?

Upon using Thwack, Hero will make a large circular area appear in front of him after a short delay. Any enemy inside this area when it activates will have a chance to get instantly KO’d. This chance increases the higher Hero and the opponent’s damage are.

What’s the difference between whack and thwack?

As verbs the difference between whack and thwack is that whack is to hit, slap or strike while thwack is to whack or hit with a flat implement.

What is thwack solarwinds?

The TL;DR version: THWACK is the user community for Solarwinds (we’ll get to who they are in just a minute.) A more detailed version from their site is: Obviously, it’s most useful for those who are (or are planning to be) Solarwinds customers, but it still has value for other IT pros.