What does the word Reeving mean?

What does the word Reeving mean?

rove\ ˈrōv \ or reeved; reeving. Definition of reeve (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. 1 : to pass (something, such as a rope) through a hole or opening. 2 : to fasten by passing through a hole or around something.

What is a rieve?

(riːv) n. archaic to rob or thieve. Flashcards & Bookmarks?

What is double Reeving?

Double reeving is two parts of wire rope leading off of the drum, one from each end of the drum, creating a hook movement referred to as True Vertical Lift.

What is a Reeve in Canada?

In some Canadian provinces, a Reeve is the elected head of a village or township, performing a similar role to the mayor of a town or city.

Is reive a Scrabble word?

Yes, reive is in the scrabble dictionary.

How does a person become a Reeve?

Reeve: the title given to the person elected as the head or chair of the municipal council. Also called the chief elected official. Used in rural municipalities. Generally the reeve is elected from among all elected rural councillors, but the reeve can be elected by voters at large (all voters in the municipality).

What is wire rope reeving?

A wire rope reeving system is essentially a rope system in which wire rope travels around drums and sheaves, or pulleys, for the purpose of hoisting or hauling. Wire rope is designed to cope with hostile environments; each individual wire is coated with zinc, or galvanized.

What is the hook on a crane called?

Lifting hooks are used for grabbing and lifting loads by means of a crane or hoist. Lifting wire rope sling, chain or rope that is attached to a lifting hook should have a safety latch on it to prevent it from being disengaged.

What is the difference between a mayor and a reeve?

Mayor / Reeve: the title of a Chief Elected Official. The Chief Elected Official is the person who chairs council meetings and is the public spokesperson for the council and municipality.

How do you address a reeve?

Alderman or Councillor (cities, towns and villages); Reeve or Councillor (rural municipalities>

  1. Address: “Alderman/Councillor/Reeve Firstname A. Lastname”
  2. Salutation: “Dear Alderman/Councillor/Reeve Lastname” or “Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Lastname.”

What is the difference between reevings and beeving?

Common Applications ot HOIST Reevings. Reeving refers to the configuration of the wire rope, blocks. and drum of the hoist. Reeving elfects headroom, litting. speed and capacity by increasing the hoist’s mechanical. advantage. Beeving also determines if the hoist has lateral. hook movement or true vertical lift.

What is a reeving line?

A hauling line or reeving line should only be rove through the becket as a fair lead. Tackles, he learned, are formed by reeving ropes several times backwards and forwards through blocks. By this time Grimme had descended from his perilous perch, having completed the reeving of the halyard.

What is the meaning ofreeve?

reeve 1 1 The elected president of a town council in some parts of Canada. 2 Any of various minor officers of parishes or other local authorities. 3 A bailiff or steward of a manor in the later medieval period. 4 A high officer of local administration appointed by the Anglo-Saxon kings.

What is the meaning of rove?

vb (tr) , reeves, reeving, reeved or rove (rəʊv) 1. (Nautical Terms) to pass (a rope or cable) through an eye or other narrow opening. 2. (Nautical Terms) to fasten by passing through or around something.