What does Paulette do in Legally Blonde?

What does Paulette do in Legally Blonde?

A strong singer/actor with great comedic timing! Paulette Buonofuonte – (A3-A5 Soprano Belt) – Paulette is the funny owner of Hair Affair, a local salon. She becomes friends with Elle and longs to marry a man from Ireland. She and Elle help each other achieve their dreams!

Is Legally Blonde The Musical inappropriate?

The Motion Picture Association of America gave the 2001 film of “Legally Blonde” a PG-13 rating, while MTI rates the musical property as PG, describing it as a “fun, upbeat musical about self-discovery.”

What’s it like Legally hard blonde quote?

Elle: “What? Like, it’s hard?” Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re not smart enough to do something you know you can handle.

Who does Paulette end up with in Legally Blonde?

Kyle Brendan O’Boyle is a main character in the Legally Blonde series, and is the love interest and husband of Paulette Bonafonté. He is a UPS delivery guy. Kyle O’Boyle got Engaged to Paulette in the movie Legally Blonde after Paulette hit him in the nose doing the bend and snap, they later had a child named Elle.

What is Paulette accent?

New England accent
Paulette provides sound advice and companionship to Elle. Must have great comic timing; a pronounced New England accent is a plus. Looking for an actor who can sing, move, and be comfortable with dogs. Vivienne Kensington (Stage Age 22-25) Overachieving, smart and savvy law student; Warner’s new girlfriend and fiancé.

Can a 13 year old watch Legally Blonde?

As much of the language is not child-friendly, we recommend this movie for kids aged 12 and over.

Why is Legally Blonde called Legally Blonde?

1. ELLE WAS NAMED AFTER THE MAGAZINE. The film was based on the book of the same name by Amanda Brown, who spent her time at Stanford Law School reading copies of Elle and writing a bunch of letters back home, detailing the classmates to whom she didn’t relate.