What does Maltby Playability Factor mean?

What does Maltby Playability Factor mean?

Simply put, via Maltby Playability Factor, a higher handicap golfer will experience straighter shots and more consistent distance (typically longer) with a HIGHER Playability club.

Is Maltby a good brand?

4.8 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for average rating value is 4.8 of 5.

What is Maltby C dimension?

“C” DIMENSION = Distance from the horizontal center of gravity to the axis of the shaft or hosel bore. Measured at the sole line/ground line.

What is Maltby golf?

Ralph Maltby has been designing and evaluating golf equipment for more than 40 years. He is universally regarded as one of the premier golf equipment experts in the world. Ralph created the Maltby Playability Factor club rating system, through which he has tested and rated the performance of more than 1000 golf clubs.

What does playability mean in golf?

It means it’s easier to play a draw or a fade. Most game improvements irons can be tough to move in the air so it is an important factor for better players.

Are Maltby drivers any good?

Very nice penetrating ball flight. Overall, the Maltby Ke4 Tour is by far the best priced driver on the market and you can get some premium shaft options as well for less than half the cost. I have come to trust and love Maltby clubs and 13 of my clubs are now Maltby.

How good are Maltby irons?

What is playability in golf?

What is Vcog golf?

VCOG = Vertical Center Of Gravity Adjustment.

Are Maltby shafts good?

Top quality shaft Maltby Pro Series shafts are top performers and an excellent value. Love the new paint – makes them even more enjoyable. I especially like how there is reduced torque in the stif flex, making each flex a better fit for more golfers. I highly recommend this whole series of shafts for my customers.

What is iron Puring?

Simply put, as Briand explains, puring a shaft helps to identify the inconsistencies of a particular golf shaft as compared to the average or expected design of that shaft. That way, a club builder is armed with certain information to build the club in the most stable and consistent orientation.