What does km2 mean?

What does km2 mean?

Square kilometre (International spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) or square kilometer (American spelling), symbol km2, is a multiple of the square metre, the SI unit of area or surface area. 1 km2 is equal to: 1,000,000 square metres (m2)

How do you calculate km2?

Square units of area, such as square kilometers, are a result of multiplying two lengths. In the case of square kilometers, each length is measured in kilometers, so multiplying kilometers × kilometers results in km2.

How do you convert hm2 to cm2?

Conversion formula of hm2 to cm2

  1. By multiplication. Number of square hectometre multiply(x) by 100000000, equal(=): Number of square centimetre.
  2. By division. Number of square hectometre divided(/) by 1.0E-8, equal(=): Number of square centimetre.
  3. By multiplication. 132 hm2(s) * 100000000 = 13200000000 cm2(s)
  4. By division.