What does iqpc do?

What does iqpc do?

At its core IQPC is a global business to business event company that has embraced the digital age. We are the go to source for online and offline events, information, education, networking, and promotion for executives across an extensive range of industries and professions.

What does Iqpc stand for?


Acronym Definition
IQPC International Quality & Productivity Center

Is Iqpc a good company?

IQPC is a great place to work, there are much opportunities to advance here even to transition between different departments. My manager is a great boss, very insightful and will check you if you fall short. Working in sales helps you work on your strengths and also be firm when closing.

Why choose IQPC Singapore?

Based on Robinson Road in the heart of the Central Business District IQPC Singapore emulates its home by being a small business with a big outlook. Our employees work hard to develop the best quality product possible, delivering over 50 executive level business to business events and servicing over 5,000 clients every year.

Where is IQPC located?

IQPC now has offices in: Berlin, Doha, Dubai, London, Miami, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Tampa and Toronto. IQPC leverages a global research base of best practices to produce an unrivalled portfolio of problem-solving conferences, data products and online communities.

What does innovation mean to IQPC?

“Innovation is the design and development of something new, as yet unknown and not in existence, which will establish a new economic configuration out of the old, known, existing elements” Peter.F.Drucker Sharing Business Solutions… At its core IQPC is a global business to business event company that has embraced the digital age.

How many conferences does IQPC offer?

Each year IQPC offers approximately 2,000 conferences worldwide as well as webinars, online events and related online programs. You can search our full list of events here. Today, we create a total, continuous learning experience for delegates and online community members, and a powerful new business development channel for our sponsors.