What does F-03 do in SAP?

What does F-03 do in SAP?

The SAP TCode F-03 is used for the task : Clear G/L Account. The TCode belongs to the FIBP package.

What is the difference between F-03 and F 04?

Transaction F-03 – Mainly used to clear GL Accounts by Document No/Amount/Posting Date. F-04 – Used for Customer & Vendor Clearing and also Spl GL (ie Incoming & Outgoin Payments,Credit Memos).

How do you clear GL balance in SAP?

Automatic clearing function will allow you to clear those general ledger accounts which are open item managed. Through this transaction you can clear many general ledger accounts in one run. At the end of the period you need to match the debits and credits of the general ledger account to clear it automatically.

What is charge off difference in SAP F-03?

It is not possible to automatically charge off the difference. You can charge off the difference manually using the function “”Clear differences””. You define the upper limits for automatically clearing differences in the tolerance group assigned to the user.

What is FBVO for?

The SAP TCode FBV0 is used for the task : Post Parked Document. The TCode belongs to the FIBP package.

How do you clear Open GL in SAP?

You need to specify Company Code, Fiscal Year, tick Select G/L accounts checkbox to be cleared, enter G/L accounts numbers, and Clearing date on the initial screen. Next, select Test run checkbox in order to have a preview of the proposed items to be cleared.

How do I clear GR IR?

On the selection screen, the individual purchase order items that have quantity variances and match your selection are now listed. Select the order items that you want to clear. Clear the GR/IR clearing account for the selected purchase orders by choosing List _ Post clearing.

What is SAP FB60?

FB60: This is a pure FI transaction for vendor invoice posting. where the client do not want to maintain Material Master or do not want to activate MM. then the invoice could be raised from FI side. In this transaction PO and goods receipt details are not required.