What does Downflooding mean?

What does Downflooding mean?

Downflooding: The entry of seawater through any opening into the hull or superstructure of an undamaged vessel [or portion of a vessel] due to heel, trim, or submergence of the vessel.

What is heel angle?

A steady angle of heel created by an external force, such as wind or waves.

What is angle of deck edge immersion?

As the angle of heel increases, there comes a point when the deck of the ship immerses. This angle is called the angle of deck immersion, and the corresponding point on the curve is called point of inflection. This results a change in concavity of the curve.

What is the angle of heel at which the openings in the hull superstructures of deckhouse which Cannot be close weather tight immersed?

X 40° or the angle of flooding θf if this angle is less than 40°. θf is the angle of heel at which openings in the hull, superstructures or deckhouses which cannot rapidly be closed watertight commence to immerse.

What is the angle of vanishing stability?

The angle of vanishing stability is the angle of heel at which the righting lever returns to zero, or is the angle of heel at which the sign of the righting levers changes from positive to negative.

What is heel and trim?

An offset or deviation from normal on this axis is referred to as trim or out of trim. Roll. The tilting rotation of a vessel about its longitudinal/X (front-back or bow-stern) axis. An offset or deviation from normal on this axis is referred to as list or heel.

What is heel sailing?

Heeling is the boat “tipping” to one side or the other; it is caused primarily by the force of the wind on the sails; although it can be caused by weight such as crew or excess cargo. In our class, we will be referring to heeling as a result of the force of wind on the sails.

What is the purpose of angle of loll?

The angle of Loll is that angle of heel at which a ship with negative GM will come to rest. It is an extremely dangerous situation and in extreme cases, a vessel may even capsize. A vessel with Negative Initial GM will tend to capsize.

What are the difference between Loll and list?

An angle of loll is caused by the ship having a negative GM, so it can happen in ports or at sea due to various reasons. when u enter cargo ,ballast ,bunkers, Fresh water details with respective location on board the loadicator /or loading computer will give GM value it must be positive in such a case it is list.

What is angle of vanishing stability?

What does angle of vanishing stability means?

The limit of positive stability (LPS) or angle of vanishing stability (AVS) is the angle from the vertical at which a boat will no longer stay upright but will capsize, becoming inverted, or turtled.