What does cura mean in Spanish slang?

What does cura mean in Spanish slang?

cure!, (you-formal) cure, bandage.

What is Kura called in English?

Translation of “kura” in English. Noun. hen chicken.

What does Nina mean Spanish?

girl, child, daughter.

Is Estados Unidos Spanish?

Once you learn that Estados Unidos is Spanish for “United States,” you might predict that its abbreviation would be EU, just as we often use “U.S.” (or “USA”) in English. But the standard abbreviation is EE.

What is meant by kuru?

Kuttu known as buckwheat is a fruit seed which is why its consumption is allowed during Hindu fasting. The buckwheat flour is traditionally cultivated in the foothills of Himalayas. Buckwheat or kuttu is even more essential for someone who is on a weight loss diet.

What is Kurakura?

kura-kura (Jawi spelling کورا٢) tortoise (land-dwelling reptile)

What is Hola Nina?

hello, pretty girl. hola, niña bonita( oh. lah.

Does Nino mean godfather in Spanish?

Nina (patlina) and Ninu (patlino) , meaning godmother and godfather in the Mariana Islands, respectively, are borrowed terms from the Spanish padrina and padrino. These terms are derived from Spanish Catholicism and describe the relationship between the godparents and their godchild.

Why is it called ee uu?

As it turns out, the doubling-up of letters represents a plural. Estados Unidos, like the other examples above, is a plural (United States), so the abbreviation becomes EE. UU. It can also be written as EEUU or EE.

What is buckwheat called in Urdu?

1) buckwheat

1) buckwheat Noun
A member of the genus Fagopyrum; annual Asian plant with clusters of small pinkish white flowers and small edible triangular seeds which are used whole or ground into flour میتھی

What does Yurayura mean?

swing, shake, sway, rock, tremble, vibrate.