What does code mean in real estate?

What does code mean in real estate?

Definition of “Building code” Therese Antonelli, Real Estate Agent Moving The Mitten Real Estate Group. A Building code – also referred to as building control or building regulations – is a set of rules by which a construction project needs to abide.

What is Remax Commission split?

Competitive Commission Plans RE/MAX was founded under the concept of maximizing the returns for individual brokers and agents, hence the name Real Estate Maximum – RE/MAX. Every Agent has the opportunity to earn a 95/5 commission split no matter what plan they choose.

What does it mean when a house is pending?

Sale pending (or “offer pending”) simply means that a buyer has submitted an offer and the seller has accepted it. There is one caveat: some sellers will list a home as “pending” for other reasons beyond the official definition, so it’s a good idea to reach out to the buyer agent and double check.

What is a doll house in real estate?

“When listings use the word ‘dollhouse,’ ‘cottage,’ or ‘cozy’ it is usually code for very, very small,” says Julie Gurner, senior real estate analyst for TheClose.com. “These are the types of properties that often use decor to try to compensate for lack of space, and even then can feel cramped and tiny.

What does updated mean in real estate?

So what does updated often really mean? “Instead it means that some updates have been made to the home over time, such as new appliances in the kitchen, but they could have been completed a few years ago,” Breitman said.

Can you buy a contingent House?

Owners whose home is in contingent status can accept a backup offer, and that offer will have precedence if the initial deal does not go through, so if you like a contingent property, it makes sense for you to make an offer on the listing so that you are in position to buy if something goes wrong with that transaction.