What does Blite mean?

What does Blite mean?

Definition of blite : any of several herbs of the family Chenopodiaceae: a : strawberry blite. b : sea blite. c : good-king-henry.

What does it mean when someone calls you blight?

a person or thing that mars or prevents growth, improvement, or prosperity. 4. an ugly urban district. 5. the state or condition of being blighted or spoilt.

What is the meaning Obsequy?

Definition of obsequy : a funeral or burial rite —usually used in plural.

What is blighted area?

As used in the Urban Renewal Law [ 3-46-1 to 3-46-45 NMSA 1978], “blighted area” means an area, other than a slum area, which, by reason of the presence of a substantial number of slum, deteriorated or deteriorating structures, predominance of defective or inadequate street layout, faulty lot layout in relation to size …

What is tomato blight?

Potato and tomato blight (late blight) is a disease caused by a fungus-like organism that spreads rapidly in the foliage and tubers or fruit of potatoes and tomatoes in wet weather, causing collapse and decay. It is a serious disease for potatoes and outdoor tomatoes, but not as common on tomatoes grown in greenhouses.

What does the word blighted suggest about the condition of the park?

What is Blight? A blighted property is a physical space or structure that is no longer in acceptable or beneficial condition to its community.

What is blighted property?

“Blighted property” is the legal term for land that is in a dilapidated, unsafe, and unsightly condition. Each state uses different criteria to determine whether property should be classified as blighted. The property is unsafe. The property has been abandoned for a specified time period (usually at least 1 year)

What is an Invalent person?

noun. an infirm or sickly person. a person who is too sick or weak to care for himself or herself: My father was an invalid the last ten years of his life. Archaic.

What is the meaning of L/b value in LED light?

B value means the failure data at the L data. So L/B value indicate the real lifetime at a certain hours. For example ,L80B10 at 50,000 hours means at 50,000hours, the LED lamp keeping 80% lumen from initial lumen and only 10% light failed to reach 80% lumen.

What does l80b10 mean on LED light bulbs?

For example ,L80B10 at 50,000 hours means at 50,000hours, the LED lamp keeping 80% lumen from initial lumen and only 10% light failed to reach 80% lumen. L70B50 means only 50% lamp survive at 70% lumen remaining at 50,000hours.

What are Type B candelabra light bulbs?

What Is a Type B Light Bulb? Incandescent light bulbs shaped like torpedoes and that fit into candelabras include the type B variety of bulb. The variety of sizes in the bases of the bulb are designed to fit the various socket sizes in the candelabra.

What is the glossary of lighting terms?

A Glossary of Lighting Terms. 1 Ears. The three individual slots that function as the color frame holder found on the front of some light sources. They are often used to retain other 2 Edison Connector. 3 Edison Lamp Holder. 4 Egg Crate. 5 Electrical Current.