What does an ITSM solution architect do?

What does an ITSM solution architect do?

Solution Architect(s): provide the skills, knowledge and experience to formulate a solution that will not only address the project requirements but also ensure the solution compliments or fits with existing and future services.

What is the average salary of solution architect?

Solution Architect salary in India ranges between ₹ 11.0 Lakhs to ₹ 36.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 21.7 Lakhs.

What is the difference between solution architect and solution designer?

A solution architect is responsible for designing and implementing complete high-level solutions that address a particular organizational issue. On the other hand, a solution designer develops and deploys building blocks for that unified architecture.

How do I become a ServiceNow solution architect?


  1. More than 10 years of experience in the IT industry.
  2. Background and deep experience with ServiceNow are mandatory with accreditations covering the full range of ServiceNow products.
  3. Experience as a developer is must.

Is Solution Architect a good job?

The solution architect position is good as it mixes great technical experience and partial managerial competency. From this position, you can move into a wide range of directions. At first, you can grow as a successful architect of the solutions and be highly profitable and the most sought-after expert on the market.

Does Solution Architect require coding?

AWS Certified Solutions Architect doesn’t require coding skills to enter or prosper in your career. But in general, you as Solutions Architect needs to understand coding to make informed decisions for your team.

Is Solution architect same as cloud architect?

Solution Architects are responsible for a single application or technology product including both hardware and software. Cloud Architects are usually responsible for one or more of the compute, network, storage components of Cloud Services.

Does Solution architect require coding?

How many ServiceNow certified master architects are there?

24 total ServiceNow Certified Master Architects
Almost like becoming a CPA, becoming a ServiceNow Certified Master Architect takes intensive training over nearly 6 months and culminates in a killer test to ensure that only the best of the best pass. In fact, as of this publication date, there are 24 total ServiceNow Certified Master Architects in the universe!

How do I become a certified ServiceNow developer?

Each candidate must register for the exam via the ServiceNow Webassessor website using a voucher obtained by completing the Application Development Fundamentals training prerequisite. Voucher codes are nontransferable and provides the candidate eligibility to sit for the Certified Application Developer exam only.