What does a dragon pendant mean?

What does a dragon pendant mean?

A pendant featuring Japanese dragon symbolizes rebirth, wisdom, longevity, and fearlessness. In addition, the Japanese dragon denotes power and is a symbol of guardianship and patronage.

What are the most popular pendants?

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  • 1.) Diamond Necklaces.
  • 2.) Disc Necklaces.
  • 3.) Link Necklaces.
  • 4.) Charm Necklaces.
  • 5.) Pearl Necklaces.
  • 6.) Toggle Necklaces.
  • 7.) Station Necklaces.
  • 8.) Locket Necklaces.

Does pendant mean necklace?

A pendant is a loose-hanging piece of jewellery, generally attached by a small loop to a necklace, which may be known as a “pendant necklace”. A pendant earring is an earring with a piece hanging down. Its name stems from the Latin word pendere and Old French word pendr, both of which translate to “to hang down”.

What is an eternity pendant?

The Eternity Pendant is a magic pendant, and the only receptacle capable of creating and containing the Elixir of Life. Whoever wears the activated Pendant containing elf blood will be given immortality.

What does dragon jewelry symbolize?

The wearer of dragon accessories may feel courage, power, protection and even good luck! Some say wearing a dragon pendant helps to protect one’s finest treasure, your heart. Though the dragon can symbolize strength and power of the wearer, it also wards off others who’s energy is not welcome.

What does a jade dragon pendant symbolize?

Dragon jade pendants are a blessing and will bring you wealth, good luck and protect you from harm. The noble Chinese dragon is well represented on this beautiful jade pendant, which includes a free necklace cord, available in…

What is the difference between a necklace and a pendant?

A necklace is a jewelry piece that goes around your neck, while a pendant is a small piece of jewelry that is hung onto the necklace itself. You can actually wear a pendant on any part of the body, as long as it is attached to a chain. A necklace however, is worn on your neck only.

Is pendant a Jewellery?

pendant, in jewelry, ornament suspended from a bracelet, earring, or, especially, a necklace. Pendants are derived from the primitive practice of wearing amulets or talismans around the neck. The practice dates from the Stone Age, when pendants consisted of such objects as teeth, stones, and shells.

What does the figure 8 mean in jewelry?

The infinity symbol, a figure eight on its side, variously signifies the concept of limitlessness or eternity, especially as used notationally in mathematics and metaphorically with respect to love.

What does infinity anklet mean?

The meaning behind this 925 infinity silver anklet bracelet is actually quite beautiful—it symbolizes eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love. Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish. “I love you, always and forever”! It also can used as a large bracelet.