What does a 126 IQ mean?

What does a 126 IQ mean?

If you reach 126 IQ you are in the group of smart people. This group accounts for 14% of the world population only! That means the level of awareness and performance of your work is very good. You are quick, easy to catch and easy to achieve your purpose.

Is 122 a low IQ for a college student?

The reason 122 seems too low is because you even said yourself in one of your posts that the average 4-year college graduate has an IQ of about 113. So the average Harvard student is only marginally more intelligent than your average Bachelor’s holder? Weird…

What percentage of people with a 126 IQ are self-educated?

People with average IQs (90-100) are not very competitive in their professional or managerial positions, but they are easily trained in a variety of industries. In contrast, people who are located in the top 5% (121 points or more) are self-educated, and very few occupations are beyond their capabilities… With 126 IQ you belong to this 5% group

What was the average IQ of the participants in the WAIS-R?

Participants were paid an hourly rate…The mean IQ of the sample was 128.1 points (SD 10.3), with a range of 97 to 148 points.” It should be noted however that the WAIS-R was published in 1981, and that the norms were collected from 1976 to 1980. Carson’s study was published in 2003, so presumably the test norms were 25 years old.