What does 84A mean for rollerblade wheels?

What does 84A mean for rollerblade wheels?

Aggressive skate wheels are small and very hard (42 – 72mm, 88 / 90A), recreational and fitness wheels are large and medium hardness (70mm – 90mm, 78 – 84A), speed skates are very large and medium hardness (90 – 100mm, 78 – 85A), and hockey skates are medium and relatively soft (72 – 80mm, 72 – 74 A).

What does 83a mean for rollerblade wheels?

Wheels characterized by average speed, good grip, and above all for their ease of use on different types of surfaces. 83/84 –87/88A– used primarily in the disciplines that require fast and wear resistant wheels: slalom, freeride, urban skating, speed skating, powerblading.

What does 85A mean for rollerblade wheels?

A hardness grade of a wheel is stated in “A” (shore hardness). As a rule aggressive wheels are between 85A and 105A. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. Wheels for skating are between 85A und 95A hard. Grindwheels are between 98A and 105A hard.

Is 85a wheels good for outdoors?

Wheel hardness is one of the most important attributes of a roller skate wheel. For example, a soft wheel (78A-89A in the picture to the right) is best used for outdoor use or slippery indoor floors while a harder wheel (90A-103A) is best used for indoor use on sticky floors. The lower the number, the softer the wheel.

What size wheels come in Rollerblade RB?

Rollerblade RB Inline Skate Wheels with Bearings. Sizes: 72, 76, 80, 84 or 90mm. Type: Recreational. Hardness: 80A, 82A or 84A. Replacing wheels is fast, easy and affordable with pre-assembled 8pks from Rollerblade that includes bearings, spacers and a wheel carrier.

What are 8pks wheels for rollerblades?

Rollerblade RB Wheels come in 8pks, making replacing wheels fast, easy and affordable. Pre-assembled with bearings and spacers, witih good durability and roll to hold up to the rigors of skating outdoors. Rollerblade replacement wheels in a convenient 8-pack.

Why choose Rollerblade hydrogen skates?

Rollerblade has always valued every aspect of their skates, and the wheels are no exception. Rollerblade has been one of the leading producers of inline skate wheels for all skill levels and disciplines. With the arrival of the Hydrogen wheels, Rollerblade has become an industry leader once again.

What kind of wheels do you use for street skating?

Rollerblade replacement wheels in a convenient 8-pack. RB wheels are price conscious, and hold up well skating outdoors both in durability, and ability to absorb some of the bumps. Designed specifically for aggressive street skating, using Rollerblade’s premium Hydrogen urethane formula to offer their best combination of grip, roll and wear.