What do you do with the plastic bag in Silent Hill 3?

What do you do with the plastic bag in Silent Hill 3?

The Plastic Bag is an item obtainable in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason can locate it in the garbage can of the second floor women’s locker room in the Otherworld of Brookhaven Hospital. It must be used to collect blood from the bucket in Exam Room 4.

Does Heather Mason have powers?

After defeating God, she also detects a presence, which is the wail of a newborn according to creator Masahiro Ito, that is invisible and inaudible to the player. However, Heather never manifests Alessa’s darker abilities, such as telekinesis and the ability to kill with her mind.

Is Heather pregnant in Silent Hill 3?

This is ironic because Heather in Silent Hill 3 comments that she hated Vincent. She is also not pregnant with God, although Claudia still intends to birth God through Heather’s body using an impregnation ritual.

Where can you use cremated keys?

Heather picks up the cremated key. The key appears to have been burned inside the chamber, giving it its blackened appearance. It unlocks the door to the Day Room on the first floor of the hospital.

What does the perfume do in Silent Hill 3?

The Perfume is an item found in Silent Hill 3, located in Brookhaven Hospital within the women’s locker room inside an open locker. Equipping it will attract monsters, particularly nurses, to Heather Mason in greater numbers, as the smell allows them to locate her more easily.

Where is Leonard Silent Hill 3?

otherworld Brookhaven Hospital
Leonard is an intelligent monster / boss in Silent Hill 3. You’ll find him at the end of the otherworld Brookhaven Hospital. Heather and Leonard hold conversations about god, paradise, and The Order while in the Brookhaven Hospital.

Why does Cheryl go by Heather?

Five years after the events of the first game, Harry killed a cult member in self-defense during an attempted kidnapping of Cheryl. Harry was acquitted in court and relocated to another town to hide incognito. To ensure Cheryl’s safety, he dyed her hair from brunette to blonde and renamed her “Heather”.

Who is Heather Masons mother?

Heather Mason
Motion capture Heather Morris (Silent Hill 3)
In-universe information
Gender female
Family Dahlia Gillespie (deceased mother) Harry Mason (deceased adoptive father) Jodie Mason (deceased adoptive mother)

Why is Cheryl called Heather?

Many people who aren’t to familiar with Silent Hill, but know of the series may be confused on why Cheryl isn’t called Heather Mason in Dead by Daylight. While being given the name Cheryl as a baby, her name had to be changed to Heather when she was five due to being stalked by Silent Hill’s infamous cult, The Order.

How do you get the Heather Beam?

How to Unlock. To unlock it, you must kill 333 monsters — cumulative, not in one game. Once unlocked you will have it from the start of your next playthrough. You can also change it to the Sexy Beam when using the Transform Costume.

How many endings does Silent Hill 3 have?

Silent Hill games are known for their many endings, however, Silent Hill 3 only has three.

Who is Claudia in Silent Hill?

Silent Hill 3 (Video Game 2003) – Donna Burke as Claudia Wolf – IMDb.