What disinfectants contain phenol?

What disinfectants contain phenol?

Phenolic disinfectants (e.g. Meytol, Dettol, etc.) are widely used for domestic purposes.

What is a phenol type spray?

Champion Sprayon® Spray Disinfectant is a hospital grade quaternary spray phenolic disinfectant. Disinfectant and decontaminate critical or semi-critical surfaces like those found on medical devices. This disinfectant controls mold and mildew on hard surfaces and eliminates odors. It can also be used on soft surfaces.

Does Lysol spray contain phenol?

Phenol is sometimes (but not always) found in Lysol. According to Science Direct, a peer-reviewed source of scholarly articles, Lysol is a derivative of the phenol group and is known for its disinfectant properties.

What household products contain phenol?

Phenol is a very common chemical and is regularly found in the following common products: air fresheners, aftershave, bronchial mists, chloroseptic throat spray, deodorants, feminine powders & sprays, hair spray, decongestants, mouthwash, aspirin, solvents, acne medications, antiseptics, calamine lotions, cleaning …

Is phenol used as sanitizer?

Phenol is an antiseptic and disinfectant. It is active against a wide range of micro-organisms including some fungi and viruses, but is only slowly effective against spores. Phenol has been used to disinfect skin and to relieve itching.

Is phenol the best disinfectant?

Today, phenols exhibit a broad range of disinfection capabilities. They show broad efficacy against bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi. In contrast, the range of viruses that phenols show efficacy against is limited to enveloped (easy to kill) viruses such as influenza.

Can you buy phenol over the counter?

You can buy over-the-counter phenol spray almost anywhere. The most common brand is Chloraseptic. It contains about 1.4 percent phenol. Phenol spray is safe to use at the recommend dose for a short time.

What is phenyl used for?

Phenyl is a strong deodorant and germicide for disinfecting areas covering places like hospital, nursing homes, drains, lavatory, toilets, and cowsheds and is extensively used for sanitation purpose.

Is Pine Sol a phenol?

While Pine-Sol and Lysol brands that are commercially available to the public no longer appear to contain pine oil or phenols which can be toxic, especially to cats, do use caution with any similar cleaners that contain actual pine oil and with any cleaning products that contain phenols.

What disinfectant kills adenovirus?

Ethyl alcohol, at concentrations of 60%–80%, is a potent virucidal agent inactivating all of the lipophilic viruses (e.g., herpes, vaccinia, and influenza virus) and many hydrophilic viruses (e.g., adenovirus, enterovirus, rhinovirus, and rotaviruses but not hepatitis A virus (HAV) 58 or poliovirus) 49.

Does bleach contain phenol?

The ingredients that make disinfectants effective make them toxic for companion animals: alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, chemical compounds that contain the word “phenol,” etc.

Is there another name for phenol?

noun Chemistry. Also called carbolic acid, hydroxybenzene, oxybenzene, phenylic acid. a white, crystalline, water-soluble, poisonous mass, C6H5OH, obtained from coal tar, or a hydroxyl derivative of benzene: used chiefly as a disinfectant, as an antiseptic, and in organic synthesis.