What did Thyestes do to Atreus?

What did Thyestes do to Atreus?

To avenge himself, Thyestes sent Pleisthenes (Atreus’s son, whom Thyestes had brought up as his own and who does not figure in every version of the story), to kill Atreus, but the boy was himself slain, unrecognized by his father.

What happened during the conflict between Atreus and Thyestes?

Brief Summary After taking back the crown, Atreus gets revenge on his brother by killing Thyestes’ sons and tricking his brother into eating the boys for dinner. (Dude.) This horrific crime causes a wave of terribleness that in the end leaves both brothers dead and places a violent curse on the House of Atreus.

Why was Atreus mad at Thyestes?

Atreus wants revenge But Atreus couldn’t let it go at that. He was still very angry at his wife and Thyestes. So he pretended to be friendly and invited Thyestes to come over for dinner, with his two little boys. Thyestes was happy that he was going to be reunited with his brother!

What does Atreus fear from Thyestes?

To rid himself of this worry, he forces a strange version of pregnancy upon his brother. Atreus’ anxiety about parentage tortures him throughout the drama, so he decides to torture Thyestes is a similar way, by letting his children ‘punish’ him (1112).

Is Atreus named after the last Spartan?

According to Kratos, Atreus is named after a young Spartan soldier he once commanded. Kratos noted how hopeful Atreus was, often seen wearing a smile even during battle, until he fell to save the lives of his companions.

What did Atreus do after Thyestes stole the kingship of Mycenae from him?

Atreus retook the throne and banished Thyestes. Atreus then learned of Thyestes’ and Aerope’s adultery and plotted revenge. He killed Thyestes’ sons and cooked them, save their hands and feet.

Did Atreus know Pelopia was his niece before marrying her?

Pelopia Gives Birth to a Son Thyestes’ raping of Pelopia did indeed make his daughter pregnant, but before the pregnancy showed, Atreus himself came to Sicyon. Atreus saw Pelopia, and although uncle did not recognise niece, Atreus decided to make Pelopia his new wife.

What was pelops curse?

Pelops refused to give Myrtilus his reward and when he saw him moving to take her, Pelops threw him into the sea. The dying curse of Myrtilus affected Pelops’ line for generations to come. Pelops then entered Pisa, became its king and named the land “Peloponnesus”, meaning “island of Pelops”.

How did Thyestes get the golden ram?

They quarreled over the kingship of Mycenae, which had been offered to “a son of Pelops.” Atreus, as the possessor of a golden-fleeced ram, claimed the throne. While Atreus was celebrating his coronation, his wife, AËROPE [a-er’o-pee], took Thyestes as her lover and gave him the ram.

What did Aegisthus and Agamemnon’s father Atreus and Thyestes each do to each other?

Family. Aegisthus was the son of Thyestes and Thyestes’ own daughter Pelopia, an incestuous union motivated by his father’s rivalry with the house of Atreus for the throne of Mycenae. The couple killed Agamemnon upon the king’s return, making Aegisthus king of Mycenae once more.