What did Orhan Pamuk win the Nobel Prize for?

What did Orhan Pamuk win the Nobel Prize for?

Nobel Prize in Literature 2006
The Nobel Prize in Literature 2006 was awarded to Orhan Pamuk “who in the quest for the melancholic soul of his native city has discovered new symbols for the clash and interlacing of cultures.”

Is Orhan Pamuk religious?

From ages 22 to 30, Pamuk lived with his mother, writing his first novel and attempting to find a publisher. He describes himself as a Cultural Muslim who associates the historical and cultural identification with the religion while not believing in a personal connection to God.

Where is the White Castle set?

The White Castle, Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk’s celebrated first novel is set in the Ottoman Empire, where a young Italian scholar is captured by pirates and put up for auction at the Istanbul slave market.

When was the White Castle set?

17th century
fame with Beyaz kale (1985; The White Castle), the first of his novels to be translated into English. This work, set in the mid-17th century, is a meditation on the oppositions between East and West.

What is Orhan Pamuk known for?

Orhan Pamuk, (born June 7, 1952, Istanbul, Turkey), Turkish novelist, best known for works that probe Turkish identity and history. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006.

What language is Pamuk written?

Speaking at the Jaipur literary festival in India, Pamuk, whose much-feted novels including My Name is Red, Snow and The Museum of Innocence were all written in Turkish, lamented the western world’s dominance over literary culture. “Most of the writers at a festival such as Jaipur [write] in English,” he said.

Where is Orhan Pamuk now?

Apart from three years in New York, Orhan Pamuk has spent all his life in the same streets and district of Istanbul, and he now lives in the building where he was raised. Pamuk has been writing novels for 40 years and never done any other job except writing.

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