What did Mat Monroe died of?

What did Mat Monroe died of?

Liver cancer
Matt Monro/Cause of death
Monro was a heavy smoker and battled alcoholism from the 1960s until 1981. He died from liver cancer on 7 February 1985 at the Cromwell Hospital, Kensington, London, aged 54, leaving a widow, Mickie, and three children: Mitchell, Michele, and Matthew.

Who is Matt Monroe’s daughter?

Michele Monro
Matt Monro/Daughters

Is Matt Monro death?

February 7, 1985
Matt Monro/Date of death

Where is Matt Monroe now?

Matt, who lives in Battersea, London, wants to spend more time with his new wife Chandrika, 50. He said: “I’ve been in the business for 31 years and I’ve been really lucky that I’m still going and I’ve been reasonably successful. “I’m the same age now as when my dad died.

Was Matt Monro married?

Mickie Monrom. 1959–1985
Matt Monro/Spouse

Where did Matt Monro come from?

Finsbury, London, United Kingdom
Matt Monro/Place of birth

What did Frank Sinatra think of Matt Monro?

Frank Sinatra once said that Monro was the only British singer he ever listened to. Monro’s hospitalization and recent illnesses were kept from the public until an exploratory operation Jan. 20 revealed that his cancer had spread too far for a liver transplant to save him.

What did Frank Sinatra say about Matt Monro?

Frank Sinatra, the man with whom he was so often compared, said of Monro after his death: “If I had to choose three of the finest male vocalists in the singing business, Matt would be one of them. His pitch was right on the nose; his word enunciations letter perfect; his understanding of a song thorough.”

How old would Matt Monro be now?

Now 54, Matt Monro Jnr lives with his wife Chandrika, 50, in Battersea, South-West London. What did your parents teach you about money? My dad came from a humble background.

What nationality is Matt Monro?

Matt Monro/Nationality