What did Joe Williams do?

What did Joe Williams do?

Joe Williams, original name Joseph Goreed, (born Dec. 12, 1918, Cordele, Ga., U.S.—died March 29, 1999, Las Vegas, Nev.), American singer known for his mastery of jazz, blues, and ballads and for his association with Count Basie in the 1950s.

What did Joe Williams play?

By his early teen years, Joe Williams had taught himself to play the piano. He formed a Gospel vocal quartet called “The Jubilee Boys.” By his mid-teens Williams was singing solos at formal events with local bands.

Who is Joe Williams married to?

Jillean Hughes Dathm.?–1999
Lemma Goreedm.?–1958
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How old is Joe Williams?

80 years (1918–1999)
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Joe Williams, considered by many to be the finest jazz singer of his generation, died on a Las Vegas street after collapsing while apparently trying to walk home from a hospital. He was 80. Williams was found Monday afternoon a few blocks from his home after hospital personnel alerted police that he was missing.

What happened to Joe Williams?

Williams worked regularly until his death in Las Vegas on March 29, 1999, at the age of 80. He had been hospitalized the week before for a respiratory ailment, though the death was of natural causes.

Who played Claire’s father on The Cosby Show?

As a recurring character on the 1984 to 1992 U.S. TV series “The Cosby Show,” Joe Williams (1918 – 1999) played Al Hanks. Mr. Hanks was Clair Huxtable’s father for four episodes during the series.

What band did Joe Williams sing with?

Count Basie OrchestraSince 1954
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Who was John Williams son?

Joseph Williams
Mark Towner Williams
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Is Joe Williams Still Alive?

Deceased (1918–1999)
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Where was Big Joe Williams from?

Oktibbeha County, MS
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Where is Joe Williams from?

Cordele, GA
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