What country code is +1 249?

What country code is +1 249?

Sudan Country Code 249 – Worldometer.

What time is it in area code 249?

Area code 249

Province Larger cities in area code 249 Time Zone
ON Ontario Barrie, Collingwood, Lindsay, North Bay, Orillia, Peterborough, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Timmins More cities EASTERN Current time is 04:14:22 PM
— overlays area code 705 —

Where is area code phone?

Area Code Listing, by Number

Area Code Region Description
213 CA S California: Los Angeles (see 310, 323, 626, 818)
214 TX Texas: Dallas Metro (overlays 469/972)
215 PA SE Pennsylvania: Philadelphia (see overlays 267)
216 OH Cleveland (see splits 330, 440)

What is a 249 number?

Area code 249 serves northeastern Ontario, Canada including Sudbury. It is an overlay for area code 705 and serves the same area.

When did area codes start in BC?

604: Created in 1947 as British Columbia’s original area code. The numbering plan area comprises the City of Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound and lower Fraser Valley.

Is there a 705 area code in Canada?

Most of northeastern and central Ontario are encompassed by the Barrie area code. Included in these areas are Sudbury, North Bay and many others. This is called the 705 area code.

What area code is 403 in Canada?

403 is the Calgary area code, and it was one of the very first codes of its kind in Canada. It covers 30 different area that include Calgary. Because of the many area that this area code covers it will soon be all used up.

Where in North America is area code 249?

Area codes 705 and 249 are telephone area codes that cover most of northeastern and central Ontario in Canada. 705 was initially created in 1957 by the North American Numbering Plan (NANPA) from portions of the area covered by area codes 613 and 519, and covered nearly all of Ontario north and west of the Golden Horseshoe.

Where is 248 area code?

Area Code 248 Detail. 248 is the area code for Oakland County, Michigan, which borders Detroit. 248 was created in 1997 as a split from area code 810 . Since 2002, area code 947 serves as an overlay to the region.

Where is telephone area code location?

An area code is a section of a telephone number which denotes the broad area that the phone receiving the call is based in. It is the section just before the local number, and just after both the access and country codes.