What color is oc27?

What color is oc27?

OC-27 Balboa Mist is part of Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Collection. This collection contains 150 of the best white paint colors that are sophisticated and endlessly versatile.

What color is Acadia white?

ivory white
Benjamin Moore Acadia White (OC-38) – An ivory white that gives rooms and homes a serious depth of color without going as yellow or beige as some ivory-based whites can. It’s a great way to impart some age into an all white room. It is also known as Ivory White.

What is a shade darker than Balboa mist?

REVERE PEWTER. Revere Pewter is one of my favorite warm gray paint colors. It is similar to Balboa Mist, but quite a bit darker and warmer (as evidenced by its LRVs compared below.) Revere Pewter is very similar to Edgecomb Gray above and has a lot of taupe in it, and much more brown than Balboa Mist.

What color is one shade lighter than Balboa mist?

Compared to Balboa Mist, Benjamin Moore Pale Oak is slightly lighter and reads just a tad more brownish with a touch of pink to me. It’s a slightly warmer light gray color with a little less purple. Comparing LRVs: With only two points difference in their light reflectance values, both paints have similar brightness.

What white goes with Benjamin Moore Balboa mist?

Balboa Mist is a warm gray paint which looks perfect with white trim. This paint color works so beautifully with both the trim and the white ceiling paint color. In fact, I think it makes the beautiful trim and wainscotting in this room really pop! The trim in this space is painted in Benjamin’s Moore’s White Dove.

What color is Collingwood?

Collingwood is a warm gray that’s warmer than a traditional gray paint colour, but NOT warm enough to step into the taupe end of things. What is a warm gray? Traditionally, gray is a cool colour with either blue, green or purple undertones.

What color is Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore?

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Undertones Balboa Mist is a neutral greige, meaning it’s a gray color with slightly warm undertones. Depending on the lighting in a room, Balboa Mist will favor its warm tones more or less. If you have north-facing light, you can expect to show more of its gray base.

What color goes with BM Balboa?

Especially with Balboa Mist. Crisp white paint colors that look great with Balboa are BM Chantilly Lace, BM White Heron, or SW Extra White. If you prefer a white paint color with a bit more warmth to it, take a look at BM White Dove.

What is the difference between Collingwood and Balboa mist?

Benjamin Moore Collingwood vs Balboa Mist Also part of the Ben Moore Off-White collection, Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist (LRV 67.37) is a touch lighter than Collingwood (LRV 62.14). It’s maaaaybe a little creamier, and has some greenish undertones.