What cheese starts with K?

What cheese starts with K?

Cheese Alphabetically Starting With K

  • Karst Cave-Aged Cheese. In Stock. On Sale From: $9.98. Select Options.
  • Kasseri Cheese. In Stock.
  • Kefalotyri Saganaki Cheese Aphrodite. In Stock. Your Price: $10.98. Add To Cart.
  • Kentucky Bourbon BellaVitano Cheese. In Stock. Your Price: $5.98.
  • Kerrygold Swiss Cheese. In Stock. Your Price: $6.98.

What are the 4 types of cheese?

What are the Different Types Of Cheese?

  • Cheeses come in eight varieties including blue, hard, pasta filata, processed, semi-hard, semi-soft, soft and fresh, and soft-ripened.
  • Keep your cheese fresher, longer by reading through our tips.

What cheese is popular in Germany?

Germany has been making Gouda for almost 200 years and it remains one of the country’s most popular cheeses. It is made from full cream milk and has a mild and buttery taste when it’s young. If allowed to age, it becomes more piquant. It melts well, so it is often used for fondues, gratins and sauces.

What are the top 10 cheeses?

Our Top Ten Cheeses of 2020

  • Murray’s Parmigiano Reggiano.
  • Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta.
  • Murray’s French Double Crème Brie.
  • Murray’s 1 Year Manchego.
  • Murray’s Mini Brie.
  • Murray’s Lightly Salted Mozzarella.
  • Murray’s Cave Aged Gruyere.
  • Fromager D’Affinois.

What is the most expensive cheese?

Pule Cheese
1. Pule Cheese – $600 Per Pound. Pule cheese is the most expensive cheese in the world because it is produced exclusively at Serbia’s Zasavica Special Nature Reserve. This rare cheese is made from the milk of Balkan donkeys which are endangered and native to Serbia and Montenegro.

What cheese starts with F?

Cheese Alphabetically Starting With F

  • Farmers Cheese. In Stock.
  • Farmhouse Gouda Cheese. In Stock.
  • Fat Free Feta Crumbles. In Stock.
  • Feta Cheese Mt Vikos. In Stock.
  • Feta Crumbles with Peppercorn. In Stock.
  • Feta Marinated In Olive Oil Aphrodite. In Stock.
  • Feta with Tomato & Basil. In Stock.
  • Figs and Olives Goat Cheese. In Stock.

What are the 6 categories of cheese?

Cheeses are defined by their flavour, texture and manufacturing process and fall into six broad categories: fresh, bloomy-rind, washed-rind, blue, semi-hard and hard cheese.

What type of cheese is Amul cheese?

Amul Pasteurised Processed Cheddar Cheese is made from Cheese, Sodium Citrate, Common Salt, Citric Acid, permitted natural colour – Annatto. Emulsifier and Class II preservatives. It is made from graded cow/buffalo milk using microbial rennet.

What cheese has maggots in it?

casu marzu
And it is within these edgy curves that shepherds produce casu marzu, a maggot-infested cheese that, in 2009, the Guinness World Record proclaimed the world’s most dangerous cheese. Cheese skipper flies, Piophila casei, lay their eggs in cracks that form in cheese, usually fiore sardo, the island’s salty pecorino.